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  1. Website link isn't working. I'm assuming it's the same website without the "index.html"
  2. How do you use this script? If I use it in L2Tower all it says is Script error: Lua Error (Script not valid) etc
  3. I tried to connect but couldn't logg in last night, are there any players online at all?
  4. Good to see someone else noticed the same thing :) Sadly I think this will be a great server, though I have my doubts about the staff....
  5. I love how u can post bumps but not answer simple questions TT
  6. Dunno if that's how it's supposed to be right now but I tried logging in and all I get is access denied after picking server :P Just fyi And again, since I can't try it myself, how long are the buffs? Retail? 2h?
  7. This server actually seems really promising, they failed one launch but seems like they did all they could to fix it and so they did! I'm sure this will be great! Gl, let's hope this one stays for a while!
  8. Hello peepz, I've been out of the L2 Community for a while so I hope this hasn't been spread quite yet so that I'ma get flamers hating me for showing the same thing over and over ^^ This would mainly be for high rates with either a lot of BEWS/BEAS or something similar. Anyway, what I've found out is that you can use this program to simply record an enchant, tell the program to repeat this step (Let's say 400 times) and just let it do the work for you while you watch a movie or w/e. http://mouse-recorder.macro-expert.com/ For now a share's gonna be it, if I got the time I
  9. "Rules are rules, when someone abuses them i have to punish him, no matter who he is." Then how come you don't ban the ones that actually deserve it? You ban some people for trashtalking whilst you let botters stay in jail for a day then they're back out. Or maybe my favourite, no I don't have pics but I love the fact that when someone said something racist in the global chat one of the GM's told him not to be racist (I like that) Then 3 minutes later he's the one being racist....
  10. Edited due to change of opinion...Server's dying slowly, admins banning everyone and everything for any reason they can figure out.
  11. Aight, but still as I said, I do like to try things out myself, but thanks for the reply :)