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  1. Thank you i dont know if it works or not cuz i dident wana get a ban so i use it with the ingector and l2tower i get the error too but it ingects ohh tahnk you :)
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDhtZzbZoGs Here is my creation :D Hope you like it :P
  3. So i dont get it what are the diference between mine and this? Actualy i got inspired from hes videos with the slow motion..... ;)
  4. Thank you :) Yeah its abaut building your char and skill combos but it seams taht there are no games taht you need skill besides fps or there are but i dont know abaut them still waiting for taht game but for me Lineage 2 is on top i played it from like interlude :) Ok show me a video taht is good and dont SAX :D
  5. It seams you cant enjoy the buteful effects and music in the video :) its ment to be like this. Small mega edit so be it :D
  6. The point is to be slow and its from a privet server not taht shows the server just sayng cuz may think its oficial. Well the slowing and puting together the video is editing.Not fraps and i just did :D But its a coemnt and somthing i shood work on more editing and more action :P
  7. Hello to all! I made a video of a privet server and i wana shere it with you and if you like leave a coment :) Here is the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDhtZzbZoGs :)