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  1. someone can remake this UI to work on
  2. i replay on this target. Iordanov vij si LS da ta takovam :)
  3. will try now. thank you edit: link is broken... someone got link for this patch?
  4. i hope this working on my server :) thank you in advance :)
  5. first thank you for great share :) second sorry for my poor english, and 3th can you add on target icons like a trade, party invite? i searched on forum but i didnt found anything. thank you in advance, cheers
  6. hello. lf how to find alt+B but easest way :) i playing on l2age and have protection. if somone have alt+B command for this server pls share with me. thank you , cheers
  7. script for invite. just pm to your bot "invite" or word what you want and will invite you begin while delay(555) do begin if (ChatMessage.Text = 'invite') and ChatMessage.Unread then if (ChatMessage.ChatType = ctPrivate) then Engine.InviteParty(chatmessage.sender, ldRandomSpoil); end; end.
  8. trusted and fast replay. i wrokign with this guy 1 year and no problem with him. revommended. cheers :)