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classic New Interlude PvP Server !!!


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Server Version: Interlude



Server Rates


Exp: 5000x

Sp: 5000x

Adena: 5000x

Items: 300x

Spoil: 500x

Drop: 500x


Vote Rewards






Basic Features


* Completed C4 / C5 / C6 and some special skills

* Custom Shops with full c4, c5, Interlude and customized things

* Custom Teleporter with special zones

* Monsters only in farm zones

* 4 subclasses for 1 character

* Auto Class Master

* Zariche/Akamanah working


* Community board is disable

* Augmentation system work

* Enchant Skills work

* The chance to get a skill in the augmentation process is from 11% to 20%

* You can have only 1 active and 1 passive skill at the same time

* Away system mode on

* Banking system mode on

* Offline trade system mode on

* Start Level 80 + 100%


* Max buff slots setted to: 98

* Max debuffs: 5

* Autolearn Skills

* Standard respawn delay: 10 seconds

* Custom Start up zone

* Unique Raid Bosses





*Max weapon: 20

*Max armor: 20


*Normal scroll: 75%


*Blessed scroll: 95%




*Mid: 100% ( Rare Item )


*TOP: 45% ( Classic Item )




*Karma player can use shop

*Karma player can't use teleport

*Karma player can use soe

*Karma player can't use trade

*Karma player can use warehouse




*Do not have to wait before:

*Joining another clan

*Create a new clan

*Joining another alliance

*Create a new alliance

*Disolve a clan

*Disolve an alliance

*Only 3 clans are allowed in alliance

*You need 15 members in clan to start war




* Olympiad start time at 18:00 (6 pm )

* Olympiad compeition period is 6 hours

* Hero are chosen every month





* Every hour event


* TVT ( Name in Game: Team vs Team Event )


* CTF ( Name in Game: Capture The Flag )




Farm zones


* Farm zone 1 / 2 / 3 /4

* Safe Farm Zone 1

* Bosses: ONLINE


* Level up & Starting Zone


Custom Npc`s / Feautures


* Casino Manager


* PC Bank Points Trader


* Gm Shop


* Town Buffers


* Raid Info


* PvP / Pk Ranks


* Info NPC


* Subclass Masters


* Global Gatekeeper


* Augmenter


* Misc Shop


* Vote Shop


* All npc's look different


* NPC Crest


* PvP / Pk Colors


Farm Items


* Gold Bar's


* Coin of Luck


* Adena's


* Vote Stones


Custom CMDS


* .online ( Can you see online players )


* .withdraw ( Exchange your goldbars to adena )


* .deposit ( Exchange your adena to goldbars )


* .buyrec ( Exchange your pvp items and system give you 1 rec )





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Best moron stuff ever admin is 14 years old and the gm is 15 ok join that server for sure :) they dont even know the gms acces and stuffs they dont even know how to manual hero is that a server?this is bull shit for sure hahahaha gl with server thats why they delete you from topzone and hopzone keep going guyz !

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