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Reputation system is overrated


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First of all, vips are paying 25$ for this feature but they cant use it! They cant smite users, you say it aint their job to smite users. Why do they have it then? Seems you scam people here, you give them this feature but you dont let them use it.

Ok second, why do you so strict with it? why a people should get only 1 reputation for a share? I think you should let people be SUBJECTIVE, if 2-3-5-100 people appreciate a share then they all should  increase sharer reputation more times. He shared for all people, not just for one person only! thats why he should be appreciated by all people from their own will. You are complaining this forum is lacking of shares( yes it does) ye but why should their share since you give them reputation just for a share that must brought from Mars to get a reputation!? Check big forums, all users can rep/thanks a user for a share(ye they decide by their own will if the share deserves a reputation + and not like here by some invisible requirements asked by a 1 week old moderator)


Now you are asking yourself( omg my friends will give me reputations!) so what? do you think 2-3 rep in plus from your friends will matter? nop cause now it wont be so overrated!





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who cares but,


you remember that you dont care about mxc ?

just saying ....



Ok nethertheless i agree with your opinion

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No but seriously  since -4 karma means ban ,Karma should stay the way it is.

But then again , wanna promote some action into the forum ? Remove the Karma system and add a Upvote/Downvote system , where members can Upvote/Downvote somebody's post or thread and then the total Up/Downs are calculated into the account.





BAT ZRZ MAXTORZ WONT PAY A PROGRAMMER TO DO DIS. So we should stop try and change this , cause in the end what will you get Raule? This will be forgotten , then remembered and then forgotten for once more. It's just an infinite cycle of constance , in this forum.

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the forum is not dead because of the karma system nor are people not sharing because of it...It's simple it's just that the game - Lineage 2 is not as popular as it was back in f.e 2008 when i registered here when everyone was talking about it sharing all sorts of tools for it n sh1t... And since the forum is mainly based on Lineage 2 it's dying along with the game.  Anyway your opinion sucks if you really want to stimulate sharing n sh1t just start paying people to do so.. sharing cheats and hacks is stupid and i stopped doing so as soon as i realised it since im sharing cheats n shit so some retard can come up with an antidote for my cheat puts it in a pack and then makes money out of me... I went private and i love it ;].

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I actually stopped sharing too, a year ago. I decided to follow the path of forum merchants, and I love it, too. Not everyone made 5000euros using 1 single forum :3


My possessions thanks to MXC:

- Skoda Octavia

- iPhone 4S 16gb

- Driving License

- a lot of fun i had outside at nights due to having quite a lot money

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