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(X-7) - Staying alive guide


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CSS Strategy Guide


# Author: (X-7)


Hi there!

- My name in Counter Strike is and has always been (X-7).

I used to be CT in 1.6, always with the Bullpup rifle. But now in CSS for some reason I suck with that, which is weird as it used to be my weapon of choice.


Anyways this guide is all the shiz I learnt with non-stop practice and observation - How to kill like a demon while staying alive!



Every time get killed in action here in Counter Strike, ask yoursel why. What bloody mistake did you make to get shot down? Think - and make sure to always recognise your mistakes, then make your rules, follow them, and you will live to fight. ' There were too many' is not an excuse, move out of your location and make your way through the maps, taking down obstacles on your way.




The best way to improve is to practice, I'm talking about 30min a day minimum.



Play in Easy Mode against CPU. 1 on 1 is good. Once your good, add 1 more ennemy from opposite team, while you stay solo. Then add another one. If your pretty good by then, congratulate yourself by adding dudes into your team. Now go play online and get a feel of the battle zone!


Good FPS Player:

I am a Halo Legendary player. Yet I failed in Counter Strike when I started. This game is not for noobs, you will need to be ferocious, ruthless, smart and in control here. Every 0.1 second counts. Play in normal mode, you should be able to handle 1 on 1 once you get familiar with the weapons. Now try 2 against you. Still ok? Try 3. Getting harder now eh? Solution: Practice. Lean from your mistakes. Better now? WELL DONE!  You are now almost as good as I am. Lets move on.


Hard Mode CPU Warm Up:

Holy jizm. That CPU is trigger happy isn't he? Almost as good as you eh? Time to start using that brain of yours more. Fire a shot - he knows where you are and will move up to your location, ready to fire. Show yourself - he will fire, the move up to you. He's a better shot than the easier modes. Careful. The answer again is to follow (1) and (2) below. Movement and good, juicy, burst shots. Take him down!

Now add another CPU. Same idea, just need to watch your back more and to be ready to fire any second. Movement, my friend... movement. Just turn back and work your way through the map, this is why CSS gives you nice different paths and cover throughout the game.

Big surprise now! If you feel confident, comfortable and competitive while playing against 3 Hard Mode CPU, thats 3 against you solo, then you have reached my level on single player mode. You should be a competitive player online now. The trick is not to die. Not to die means movement. Movement means being able also to spill your juice and aim for some good, sharp-shooter shots to take down your ennemies. Set yourself this target - if it takes you more than 2 seconds to bring him/ her down, then you need to practice. This applies for the pistol also.



If you fail to bring one down straight away, NO WORRIES! Just turn back and move away from your position, and get back to it. By doing this, you've freaked out your ennemy, saved him for desert rather than as an appetizer. He knows you got him by surprise, he knows you didn't manage to take him down, you were toying him, and, most importantly, you were smart enaugh to get your ass out of there. If you are nodding your head and smiling right now, then your a good player. If your thinking 'wtf', then continue through the guide, and then go practice.


Expert CPU Warm up:

Oh yesh!

Again - try 1 on 1. Eheheh he's a good shot eh? 

Secret again (shouldnt be a secret by now) Improved and more movement as well as good shots. Stick to your weapon of choice (mine is the M4 Carbine) and do your stuff. You should be able to win a round of 15 score max. Dont worry if you dont, keep practicing. Adapt to this more complex and touher CPU. Mind the sniper though, they are good. Show some brain power and you can take him down.



Burst shots are good, but MAKE THEM FAST, once you stop firing you will get a bullet through your brains. If you got a good aim and feel comfortable with the recoil, fire a burst of ~8 to ~10 automatic rounds to bring him down. Notice that people find it EXTREMELY hard to aim and fire while being hit by any weapon as long as the hits are good and steady. Keep it in mind, and use this knowledge at your own will.





(1) The Golden Rule

Move your ass. Yeah, that's right 

Every time you bring down an ennemy, chances are he/she was with a buddy. If not, your ennemies will see on the mini-map that one of their team mates is KIA, and yes, they heard you firing, unless you had a silencer on (note: can reduce accuracy, be careful, but not with all weapons, the M4 Carbine is just fine with a silencer).


They will come to your position form different possible angles and chances are you will be pwned. It has been working for me for 2 years now. After every shot, after every kill, I move away from my position and go stalk down other people from different locations. EVERY TIME I have failed to move, I always got shot at, and 95% of the time got killed in the time of 3 seconds MAXIMUM.


So, please, don't allow yourself to get shot down like this - move, stay sharp, check your angles, and get ready to fire another round.


TIP: Make sure you got space to move your hands and your mouse, so that you can rotate fast to check your sides and behind when moving, this is VITAL (dont want to get shot in the ass, would you?). If this doesn't help enaugh, check your mouse sensitivity in Mouse Options.


Sticking to cover, walls also helps. A lot.

Constant, swift and smooth movement is the KEY to staying alive.



(2) Firing a rifle

This applies to the CT M4 Carbine and to the T Krieg 552 rifle, which I both use very often. Its not easy to bring down an ennemy if your not good so here is advice!

- Keep your aim steady.

- Fire in short bursts and not in full automatic when you are aiming at an ennemy from a certain distance. And AIM FOR THE HEAD! (If you are using a Magnum Sniper Rifle though, don't bother with head shots, just make sure to hit the target).

- Adjust your aim when firing, which is easy to do as you are supposed to be moving! Do not jump, charge forwards/sideways while hitting the crouch button. But if you feel like a good shot, just crouch from your position and aim. Burst shots, always. Bring them down, make them know their getting screwed before they die. And I can't say this enaugh - keep your aiming sharp and steady!


Using walls helps, cover, move out, fire. If your under too much fire or you see a sniper, get the hell out of there by reversing direction. This is part of (1), move! Use the edge of walls to fire at your ennemy without needing to actually see them, I get a lot of kills like that.



(3) Shmoke Grenades

2 uses:

A - Narrow passage or critical spot for ennemies. Makes it hard to see, but can be ineffective depending on the map.


B - Cover for you or for allies. Test it! Chuck a smoke grenade, and go inside the smoke while its still fresh, try to go right in the centre of the smoke. Most people can't see you now, but they can still guess from where the shots are being fired, so a sniper is recommended here, to be honnest.



(4) About cover

Don't let it fool you - most of it are death traps. Exposing your head, making it easy for headshots, and obvious to ennemies where you are, which are by now spitting bullets tearing through wood and bouncing off rocks. Cover is great - but try to stay unpredictable, out of sight and with a good shooting angle, with a good escape route while being able to watch your back. Oh, and careful, if ennemies know you are in a place with a lot of cover (typical map for this is De_Dust_4), they will chuck a few flash and HE grenades, and chances are you're pretty much screwed. Being creative is good, but always try to get the advantage over your ennemies - which is surprising them.



Oh, when you're in cover against a group of ennemies. Lets say your behind a box, and there is a door in front of you. 1 ennemy comes out of the door and you shoot him down. Get ready for the second one, you're in cover anyways.


Get that ass of yours out of there ASAP while keeping an eye at that door, and expect someone to be rusing out of it with fast shooting reflexes. Move out of there, best is to run. If you got a sniper and very good reflexes, good, you might be able to handle staying in cover, but for 90% of you guys, including myself, get out of there and find another approach to bring down those invaders. DON'T BE PREDICTABLE!




Meh... well that's all I could come up with now.


- Please feel free to ask questions and for advice

- Do not ask me which weapon to use! We're all different! (even though I'd recommend the M4 Carbine for all eheh.. classic).

- I can offer special advice for these maps:


* DeDust
* DeDust2
* Aztec
* Lost_Temple_Pro
* Assault
* Estate
* Sea Side Resort 26



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