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L2 Cleaver - Anyone playing there?

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I was searching for a server because i wanted to play so bad

l2 after a long time for few hours and i found this mid rate server.



Right now it have 900+ online players, amazing huh? C6 client!



I am interested to make a clan? Is anybody going to play?


No class change quests.

Gm shop until b grade. (A + S craftable)

NPC Buffer

Vote coins for special prizes

PVP unlimited

... and much more!


Reply here with your name if you are playing or you are

going to play!

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If is Interlude and there is a clan, id like to join in for fun


(Interlude is my favorite chronicle)

well well, my master is going on a private server and guess what its INTERLUDE !!! =) be aware he is very pro and will pwn pwn u all =)
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yes I am, whats the problem in being in a pvt server with max cheaters people???


Im here in these boards has over 4 years and I want to have some fun in my favorite chronicle


stay in ur DEX romanian crap, that JUNKIE is nowhere near reatail, and while we were playing Kamael Hellbound L2 DEX was still a buggy C4 lmao






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    • Hello everyone,   Does anyone know how to turn off or to properly setup "proxy'? I'm trying to connect on server and i get error in Login server:   ========================================================== Error in Login Server ========================================================== "[15:01:53]  INFO IP: Login: test Assigned to Proxy:" ==========================================================   And in proxies.xml say something about .properties file, but i cant find that file.     ========================================================== proxies.xml ========================================================== <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> <!DOCTYPE list SYSTEM "proxies.dtd"> <!-- In order to make this file be in use, EnableProxies in server.properties MUST be set to true --> <!-- This list should contain GameServer IPs. IP of the GameServer will be chosen for Player during Server Selection, based on Mask of his IP --> <!-- For example, if IP of the player is, all of the masks below will be checked if IP matches range of mask --> <!-- Mask covers IPs from to Mask covers IPs from to and so on --> <!-- So if IP of the player matches below mask, value in "ip" will be given to him, to connect with GameServer --> <!-- If player IP will not match any mask, Error in LoginServer logs will be printed --> <list>     <level min="40" max="86" ip=""/>     <minChatMessages party="3" clan="5" ip=""/>     <minChatMessages shout="5" ip=""/>     <minChatMessages all="15" trade="5" ip=""/>     <minChatMessages pm="3" clan="5" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/>     <mask mask="" ip=""/> </list> ========================================================== ==========================================================   If anyone could help it would be great.  
    • @Celestinewasnt this guy banned for selling shared stuff? 😄
    • I know xD ... please clean the topic. It's okay!
    • link off    anyone can share it ?   thks
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