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Hm ok works so fine.


I forgot to activate the port setting in ppc.

After that I removed the fix because it caused Gameserver connection to fail.

Now my problem is that Walker disconnects after  "->Enter Char[1]." without any error message.


Thanks for your help dmitry501.



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@ browarmj


Weird now ive tried your set.ini and it works like a charm. However it still disconnects after a few seconds when logging in with a char.

Try it without using the fix02.fsc


@ scorpius

I think you mean protocol not port.

Ive tried it with 829 before but I cant even connect to the game server using this.

828 works fine.

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:))))))))))))    work now!!!!!!


I dont use fix02.fsc, i put in ppc all ON, double ckick walker, then wss -> path --> run walker



LoginServerIP=L2authd.lineage2.com    <-- i changed ip adress for this and work now ^^














Thk everybody


Please explain better >_>

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Still problems ;/


1 screen

2 screen

3 screen

4 screen

5 screen


I did everything you said.. but i can't connect to server, what's wrong?

On the screen number 5 I've noticed no login ID and password.

I know it's silly but did you use an actually registered account there? ;)

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Here's what I did:

1. Run WSS.exe

2. Run Walker and log in

I get:

L2Walker was patched for USA (port: 2106, protocol: 828)

WSS v2.7 by Sh00rGo

10:41:08 Link LoginServer Succeed.

10:41:08 服务器[01]当前在线率:27.33%,能否登陆:能

10:41:11 Link GameServer Succeed.

10:41:16 ->Enter Char[1].

10:41:19 Packet Error ...


Now, I've created text file, renamed it to Fix02.sc

put this inside and saved


  If (_gBuff=#$02+#0) then gBlockPacket;



I have turned on S5 Proxy 1 in WP and embedded Fix02.sc into that via PPC Panel

But still getting the same Packet Error...


What else can I do?


Below is the Screen Shot of what I have so far.

Click here to take a look

Does this means that the script Fix02.sc doesn't work for this server?


To Dmitry501: Can you modify the script then? Or maybe give me some tips/books on how to?

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All working perfect

L2Walker was patched for tehgamers.com (port: 2106, protocol: 828)

WSS v2.7 by Sh00rGo

09:19:57 Link LoginServer Succeed.

09:19:58 服务器[01]当前在线率:21.00%,能否登陆:能

09:20:01 Link GameServer Succeed.

09:20:06 ->Enter Char[1].

09:20:09 Welcome to the World of Lineage II.

09:20:09 This Server is running L2J  version 6 dev/unstable

09:20:09 created by L2Chef and the  L2J team.

09:20:09 visit l2jserver.com   for support.

09:20:09 Seven Signs: This is the seal validation period. A new quest event period begins next Monday.

09:20:09 SYSTEM : Welcome to Lineage 2 TehGamers

09:20:09 SYSTEM : Low-rate server Bartz (7x)

09:20:09 SYSTEM : Please enjoy your stay :D

09:20:12 ========================

09:20:45 You use Wind Strike[Lv:1].

09:20:50 You have earned 70 adena.

09:20:50 Your level has increased!

09:20:50 You have earned 203 experience and 16 SP.

Your gameserver is not


Bind script to

Check switch "port" in PPC.

And check "GameServer Use" in walker.


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I got this

L2Walker was patched for Private (port: 2106, protocol: 828)

WSS v2.7 by Sh00rGo

14:52:25 »¶Σ­ΚΉΣΓΠΠΥί΅£

14:52:26 Link LoginServer Succeed.

14:52:26 服务器[03]当前在线率:35.38%,能否登陆:能

14:52:29 Link GameServer Succeed.

14:52:35 ->Enter Char[1].

14:53:15 ->Enter World Timeout.



damn i cant log in this server ><

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