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  1. dmitry501, you are the best! Thank you! :) It worked like a charm! :)
  2. Below is the Screen Shot of what I have so far. Click here to take a look Does this means that the script Fix02.sc doesn't work for this server? To Dmitry501: Can you modify the script then? Or maybe give me some tips/books on how to?
  3. On the screen number 5 I've noticed no login ID and password. I know it's silly but did you use an actually registered account there? ;)
  4. Here's what I did: 1. Run WSS.exe 2. Run Walker and log in I get: L2Walker was patched for USA (port: 2106, protocol: 828) WSS v2.7 by Sh00rGo 10:41:08 Link LoginServer Succeed. 10:41:08 服务器[01]当前在线率:27.33%,能否登陆:能 10:41:11 Link GameServer Succeed. 10:41:16 ->Enter Char[1]. 10:41:19 Packet Error ... Now, I've created text file, renamed it to Fix02.sc put this inside and saved BEGIN If (_gBuff=#$02+#0) then gBlockPacket; END I have turned on S5 Proxy 1 in WP and embedded Fix02.sc into that via PPC Panel But still getting the same Packet Error...