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  1. Its a crap server with lots of bugs. Kamael buffs are 2 hours and I see people running around with 6-10 bews in inventory.. I saw some guy with mutliple +15 dynasty weapons and he has no explaination how he got those. Apparently the staff is corrupt and have their own clan with lamed chars/equip.
  2. Works! Thanks ! Edit: The GM caught me in 5 mins. Luckily I was not AFK. I guess this version of walker can be easily detected. They get our ip's when we get "caught for illegal action", but this time the GM simply detected me not using the normal client.
  3. I'm able to login with the walker, but I get kicked as soon as my bot moves. Is there a solution for this ?
  4. Can someone confirm if this is still working on l2j epilogue servers ?
  5. Every l2 website has the same crap ..Little new here
  6. This doesn't work anymore on 99% servers ..The remaining 1% aren't worth the time
  7. Honestly, this is the most bugged server I have ever played on..
  8. Am I in the first 5 or no? :P
  9. This is like a dream come true ! /offtopic If someone wont tell me the trick 'cos I have less posts could they log in the server where I play & enchant something for me please? Pm me if u will ..Thx for the wonderful share & sorry for spam.
  10. Low rates are my favourite but if there were not bots & I did not have high level char's anywhere I'm intrested I 'd rather start playing on high rates to cut the boring stuff.
  11. Thats true ...and imo scamming isn't a good thing to do ..Just use this trick for fun ..Most people actually beleive u have the item, 90% of the time ;)
  12. I have specified it so clearly that item code must be pasted in IG Walker CHAT ..You can use any program to do this, even the client itself if u can "Copy/Paste" within it ..But I doubt the client will let u copy the link.
  13. Copy & Paste it where u type the conversation (in the external program)