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  1. Well since my search through the forum and the internet failed im asking directly. Is a Treasure Chest/Box patch [the one which shows good/bad chests] possible for L2J? Ive only read some rumors that it only works with L2Off and Retail because L2J uses a ?different method?. Is that true or is it just bad luck that all those Gracia system folders dont work on my server? Thanks in advance.
  2. Why dont you try it out instead of asking? It should work on a normal private server without bake ice etc.
  3. Updated my first post. Now with an english IG Walker 1.96.
  4. Well my server is currently using the lastest L2J release with Hellbound and it logs in fine but doesnt really start. (no broadcast)
  5. @ browarmj Weird now ive tried your set.ini and it works like a charm. However it still disconnects after a few seconds when logging in with a char. Try it without using the fix02.fsc @ scorpius I think you mean protocol not port. Ive tried it with 829 before but I cant even connect to the game server using this. 828 works fine.
  6. Hm ok works so fine. I forgot to activate the port setting in ppc. After that I removed the fix because it caused Gameserver connection to fail. Now my problem is that Walker disconnects after "->Enter Char[1]." without any error message. Thanks for your help dmitry501.
  7. Ive tried it without the fix02.fsc and now it seems to work however I still get the Packet Error after selecting a char.
  8. Well I did it just like dmitry501 said but changed the IP to the one I need but it always fails to get to the login server. set.ini [Private] LoginServerIP= LoginServerPort=2106 ProtocolVersion=828 ServerList=[1]Bartz;[2]Sieghardt; UseProxy=1 ProxyServerIP= ProxyServerPort=1777 doEncDec=1 doOutEnc=1 doRSAEnc=1 isC4=0 Any idea wheres my mistake?
  9. Maybe you did something wrong. Get the version posted by herber. Passkword for file: botforhellbound Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?y6zh4g1vdun
  10. @MArdukBr This has been reported by some users already. Could be a GameGuard problem. Did you disabled your GG? @scorpius Its just like I explained it. You get the chinese walker which I posted here, get the L2info.dat from the English IG Walker 1.96 and start the bot. No loopback or tcp tunnel needed.
  11. As far as I know: NO Just start an english OOG Walker and select options. There you can see all the options in english which should help alot to set up this chinese bot.
  12. Chinese IG Walker 1.98 Download this walker: http://rapidshare.com/files/109983344/L2Walker1.98_k.rar Unpack it into the folder of your choice. Get the English IG Walker 1.96 from towalker.com Copy the L2info.dat from the english walker to the chinese walker and override the file. Enjoy botting. Credits go to ELCA. _______________________________________________________________________________ English IG Walker 1.96 Download the english IG Walker 1.99 from towalker(should work with 1.9x) Download this cracked L2Walker.dll http://rapidshare.com/files/111455312/L2
  13. Could you give us a rapidshare link for version 2.7? I can only find the old 2.5.