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[Request]Guide For Vayne


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good build but i disagree with the skill build :D i max silver bolts and after her jump :D


All I saw was the building.

Moreover, why not use flash on Vayne?


@ Noble.I always use Maderd's against huge healthed enemies.


imo it cant fit on vayne :D she is not teemo or kogmaw or ww :) :D
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want guide? use the following that i use too...


lvl skills.









then 2nd full Q and then W


start with dorans blade when u go back take bf sword and boots

make blood thirster uptade boots after this go fast for phantom dancer after phantom go infinity edge then last whisper and then make what ever u want....

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My guide to play Vayne and OWN to 1700+ ELO is this


Skill Order:

Q(or W if u are at blue team and do golems) -1

E(Q if u did golems) -2

W (E if u did golems) -3

Q -4

Q -5

R -6

Q -7

W -8

Q -9

W -10

R -11

W -12

W -13

E -14

E -15

R -16

E -17

E -18


Builds to win with vayne (early, mid, late game):


Black Cleaver, Bsk Greaves, PD, PD, QSS, IE or BT (Works too well to get early win)

Black Cleaver, Bsk Greaves, Trinity Force, IE, QSS, BT (Works too well to get mid game win)

BT, Bsk Greaves, BD, IE, QSS, LW (Works too well to get mid/late game win)


My prefer build is this one:




Lvl 1 Boots +3 Pots

If u can affort rush BF Sword if not buy 1 or 2 Doran's Blade then BT

Get PD

Too much CC owning u? get QSS if not get IE

Get IE or QSS if u dont have it

Get LastWhisper and win ur game


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max R>Q>W>E

2x dorans

berz graves

inifity or bloodthirster


last whisper

inifity or guardian angel


2nd infinity?.. never better get  a second bloodth.. and about last whisper is optional, if they don't stuck armor is kinda useless (since u can get a lot better items)

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noooo i meant

if you get after berz graves bloodthirster

then get as last item inifity


not getting 2 inifities :P

inifity is unique :D



i edit my other post since i might missdirect some people


loled ;p sorry xDD

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Well Vayne has extremely high damage in early game.


You can take about a couple dorans at start and make lvl 2 boots as fast as you can, since ur passive give you mvoement speed you can hunt easy if jungle helping you enough.


Abut the full build, I prefer starting with blood thirster instead of infinity edge like the other carries im playing, since she has bonus damage from Q and true damage from W.


Then im going for phantom, infinity, last whisper.


You can take guardian angel if you have problem with enemy team, or if you are okay you can go for trinity force or black cleaver.

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