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[WTB] 2 events: Fortress and Trivia


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first of all i'll mention that im working on an interlude pack


Now lets start, what i need is:

Fortrees event

Basically the pack im working with already has forteeses, so only some changes needs to be done.

1) reward owner's CWH with a choosen item every xx hours (configureable preffered)

2) Make an SOE to fortrees (i must mention that ill have only 1 fortrees active, so basically one can take an soe to giran for example and change the cords and name)

3) make fortreeses seperated for castles, means if some1 already got a castle then he can go for the fortrees siege aswell without any probs (atm ppl who got castle cant reg to a fortrees siege)


I think thats all about that, if ill remmember something more ill update



Autoamtic trivia event with configureable questions/answers aswell as configureable hours when a question will be announced each day

rules are:

1) ppl will have to pm the answer to some NPC or so like "Trivia [Answer]

2) ppl who give a wrong answer will get a pm back with "Wrong answer"

3) ppl who say correct answer will get rewarded and pmed with "Correct!"

4) as soon as some1 pms the correct answer the event ends and the answer gets announced


Thats all for this aswell i guess


PM me or reply here and i'll give my msn in pm to start working + price.

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still looking for some1 who can code these (and maybe a few more coding services that i need for addational payment.)


PM me only if you know how to code dont pm me offering other crap than what i have requested.

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