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Hello guys!


Welcome to the World of Warcraft section!


To make our lives easier along with yours i will put some rules.


Thread Rules :


1. Putting tags before creating a thread is a MUST.

Tags in this section are usually :








[GR](a MUST tag for greek topics)


Tags are putted so the members of our section and the forum can easily find what they are looking for as well as allowing us to help you. For an example if you need help you will put either [Question] Tag or [Request] Tag depending on what you are looking for.


2.Section rules.



●  Language Usage:


  ►Warcraft section is International section but since not all know how to speak english language frequently and by the time Warcraft section doesnt have Greek Chillboards , you can input [GR] tags in order to create a greek written topic.reply in greek language ONLY in Greek topics with [GR] tags in title!moderators will delete replies in wrong topics and dekarmations for  greek language usage in greek topics will be reseted from now on



To be able to build a clean board we suggest that you do not post topics that aren't related to the Forum Section you are browsing for a simple example post an Exploit here, from your base intelligence you should know that Exploits/Hacks/ and all 3rd party programs go to the section -->  World of Warcraft Exploits


3.Sub-Section Rules.


-DotA sub-section is only for things related to the map itself, things not containing anything related to the Map will be deleted, junkyarded [moved to junk] without any warnings.

-Hacks,Exploits for Warcraft III are to be posted in the warcraft section , posting them in the DotA section will leave me no choice but to dekarma you!

-I would also like to remind you that the Rules of the World Of Warcraft General Discussion rules go for the sub-section's as well be sure to follow them! Thats all about the Sub-Section Rules.


4. Base Rules.


As a main priority for you is to first read & remember the FORUM rules which also apply in here. To read the rules just click on this phrase.


PS: This rules also include the sub-sections of this forum, which are DotA and Warcraft III RoC+TFT & Heroes of Newerth.


Respect the rules and follow them as i said before, they will make your life easier.

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    •   Thanks man! We like you too!   Now then I thought I would take a little Holiday glance at what we've done since Patch 31, I believe that was our last post on the subject of coding. I'm very proud of our team and what we've been able to accomplish. We'll be revealing more snippets of information as we continue our progress into the New Year.   Major systems will be released in the upcoming year. Expect them to be fun and exciting!   Now then, here's a list of changes since Patch 31.   Patch 32 - August 18, 2017   Patch 33 - August 25, 2017   Patch 34 - September 1, 2017   Patch 35 - September 4, 2017   Patch 36 - September 11, 2017   Patch 37 - September 17, 2017   Patch 38 - September 30, 2017   Patch 39/40/41 - October 1 - October 4, 2017   Patch 42 - October 7, 2017   Patch 43 - October 9, 2017   Patch 44 - October 14, 2017   Patch 45/46 - October 14 - 16, 2017   Patch 47 - October 20, 2017   Patch 48/49/50 - October 23 - 26, 2017   Patch 51 - October 28, 2017   Patch 52 - November 2, 2017   Patch 53/54 - November 5 - 8, 2017   Patch 55 - November 15, 2017   Patch 56 - November 19, 2017   Patch 57 - November 27, 2017   Patch 58 - December 02, 2017    
    • send me your code from zone maybe i can fix it
    • I tested with the codes everybody gave me, but with those methods the flag will never go away. it stays forever.

      I tested too with updatePvpFlag, same outcome.   I tested with it like this: L2PcInstance player = character.getActingPlayer(); player.setPvpFlagLasts(System.currentTimeMillis() + 3000); player.sendMessage("You Have Left The Chaotic Zone."); Also like this: L2PcInstance player = character.getActingPlayer(); player.updatePvPFlag(0); player.sendMessage("You Have Left The Chaotic Zone."); And also like this:  @Override protected void onExit(L2Character character) { character.setInsideZone(L2Character.ZONE_NOSUMMONFRIEND, false); character.setInsideZone(L2Character.ZONE_MULTIFUNCTION, false); if (character instanceof L2PcInstance) { L2PcInstance player = character.getActingPlayer(); player.setPvpFlagLasts(System.currentTimeMillis() + 3000); player.sendMessage("You Have Left The Chaotic Zone."); } } if (activeChar.getPvpFlag() != 0) activeChar.setPvpFlag(0); activeChar.updatePvPFlag(1);   if (character instanceof L2PcInstance) { ((L2PcInstance) character).sendPacket(new SystemMessage(SystemMessageId.LEFT_COMBAT_ZONE)); // Set pvp flag if (((L2PcInstance) character).getPvpFlag() == 0) { ((L2PcInstance) character).startPvPFlag(); } } } I tested all these ways, none works =/
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