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interlude [L2j]L2Haotic PvP Server


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wellcome to l2 haotic interlude pvp server! We are glad to See you inside :D


Server Features





Interlude Server start - 05/08/2011


Geodata server: new smart quality geodata & pathnode


Olympiad system - starting from 18:00 - 24:00


Olympiad system - heroes are formed every 2 weeks


Added Noblesse Blessing to all players


Added Anti-Buff Shield to all players (Block unwanted buffs)


6 subclasses for 1 character level start is 80


XP 2000 | SP 2000 | Adena 2000 | Party XP x500 | Party SP x500


Max enchant weapon +30 rate of succes is 75%, safe till +7


Max enchant armor +30 rate of succes 80%, safe till +7


Max enchant jewels +30 rate of succes 80% , safe till +7


Blessed Scroll of Enchant: weapon - 100% - armor - 100% - jewels - 100%


Augment Skill Chance - 30%


Custom zones: Level Zone, Farming Zone, Rb Zone, PvP Zone, Safe Zone (You can see them at Gatekeeper)


Augment Skills Can Stack Now


Also the reuse has been reduced and time changed to 2 hours


Raid Bosses have drop from 2 to 10 Coin Gem


Buffer 4 hours buff time includes 6 schemes | Max Buffs Limit - 50 Buff Slots


Npc Buffer have Special Buffs - HotSpringsMalaria, HotSpringsFlu


HotSpringsCholera, HotSpringsRheumatism all with effect 4


Newbies characters have better items


Events: Capture the Flag, Team vs.Team, Death Match, Special event's by Admin etc.


No drop at any karma value


Some npcs look like players


Custom items - Tattoos, Mask, Cloak (balanced stats)


Noblesse Coin - A coin that makes you noblesse


Hero Coin - That makes you hero for 1 day


Vote Coin and Raid Boss Coin wich you can buy special items


In Game Command`s


.ctfjoin / .ctfleave / .ctfinfo /.tvtjoin .tvtleave / .tvtinfo / .deposit / .withdraw .online / .repair


NPC: | GM Shop | Custom Shop | Npc Buffer with all buffs + schemes | Augmenter | GakeKeeper |


| Class Manager | Symbol Maker | Custom Mobs | Custom Rb |


Server Rules


You are about to create an account on our server, so please read the rules below. They serve to ensure a smooth functioning of the server for everyone to have a good time.



- You are fully aware that it can not demand anything from the server or GM's.

- You accept that L2Haotic has nothing to do with your time lost, money spent on Ian's, which lack their lessons in school, her work day was not to be playing.

- You understand that when he wants to play, whatever, wherever.

- You know you should accept all the rules before creating the account.


The rules are standard MUST be followed by ALL, WITHOUT EXCEPTION.


Do not make your ACC without reading the entire Term of Use


OBS1:Ignorance of the rules by players noo exempt from liability for not following them. The non-complying with the rules will be penalized. Penalty which will be evaluated case by case basis, leading up to the loss of your account on our server.



OBS2: You are using this server as a privilege and not a right. Creating this account on our server you understand and agree that bore the risk of losing at any time your account, items, or do not convey the fault from the Administrative server.






RULE 1. Use software to take advantage (bot L2Walker or hlapex) is not allowed! (If caught, this will result in a ban without exceptions).


RULE 2. The use of any third party program (other types of cheater) to take advantage! (If caught, this will result in a ban without exceptions).


RULE 3. No bug report and exploiting it to get the advantage in any way will result in a ban! (If caught, this will result in a ban without exceptions! If you find bugs publish them on the forum).


RULE 4. Do not use wyverns in town or in the arena! (If caught, the player will be sent to prison if percistir lost the castle).


RULE 5. Prohibited L2Jbrasil insults to the server, the Server Staff and other players so that hurt the moral, ethical and human rights! (If caught, the player will be sent to prison and will be banned if you persist in the period of one month-30-days).


Rule 6. Do not send pm GM's, Directors, Asking items anyway ITEMS / XP / ENCHANT / or anything else. Unless special conditions, such as repetition of items in case of wipe donate.


RULE 7. Any player who does a shop that blocks a door, stairway, NPC or anything else, otherwise inconvenience other players will be sent immediately to an unhappy place in The Jail at the ends of the dumb .


RULE 8. In the case of dual boxing events. You may not be registered more than once and play two different characters at the same time, although in one event. If someone is playing you can usually use the dual boxes. Use only one client per computer during events. (except in cases of Aiox, yet they can not participate the event.)


RULE 9. Prohibited creation of chars containing: Offensive names, swears, AIOX (if it is not a tutor), Adm GM etc..


RULE 10. GMs do not return lost items. If a super weapon accidentally enchanter unintentionally. If you threw on the ground to catch on with another character, and even disappeared or got someone else, or server restart. If loaned to another player and that of bad faith did not return. If dropped when PK.



RULE 11. If you pass by an administrator or GM will result in instant ban, block ip and account and in other accounts if it finds itself responsible for the account


RULE 12. Aiox can not move out of cidades.Salvo special events at the coliseum.


RULE 13. But the rules will be made if necessary.

Punishment for minor offenses:


(I) Excessive abuse on forums or IRC channel can lead to your account being banned.


(II) If you are using unfair means through which the level / collect items (players cheat and steal items with false offers of exchange). This can also lead to a Ban in extreme cases.


(III) If you behave in an immature manner, pretending to be an administrator


(IV) More to come ...


-Breaking any rule may result in imprisonment, prohibition or suspenssao account and / or character!


see you inside of our server



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Rules are c/p from other server which was br i think.Not even paid domain name.I bet its home hosted and admin is a kiddo cause i've seen other topics on preview section with servers by him.

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I like how the rules are copy/pasted from a BR server then re written with Google Translator with a failed attempt to sound like a smart English man. Server is dumb too, everybody makes like 40 bots (offline shops can eat vote reward) then sets them up as offline shop to eat vote reward. In reality there is really nothing special about this server.

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