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  1. GL with it mate.I know he's honest when saying no corruption.You did something for the community and i hope many will appreciate it :)
  2. So far yes it is beta.You can download the latest updater and check it out.
  3. Augmentation rates are different here from the ones on their forum.So which one is true?Or did they change it and made it lower just to get more money? Also classes and skills based on l2off balance?Dude there's no l2j out there that has come even close to l2off and that's a fact. The algorithms are different and the moment you changed 1 thing you screwed everything else.So no l2off balance at all.It's l2j and it will remain l2j. Oh i can't even join cause i get appcrash error while on other servers i don't. Not gonna bother anyway since i'm reading forums and not even the correct featu
  4. I now know why you guys say you're hated.It's because people tell the truth that's why.I know that myself because i asked an old player of a server i used to play 6-7 years ago.On the 2nd day i asked him how did he farm so fast all those things and he said he didn't farm.Did he donate?Nope.Guess what his clan was, 21stcentury or w/e the correct name is.You lied about the online thing and also what a guy before me said about the bug that Frank denied it's existence but you said you fixed it.So you're the ones full of bullshit not the guys that talk based on what they see on that server. And
  5. A post on forums about a bug was deleted.And an important bug that affects dagger classes wasn't fixed yet even if it was reported during beta.They do not even watch the reports section.They keep fixing shit that should be working when server went live. I smell another failure unfortunately.
  6. Like i said you're no different from the rest of them and you agreed with me.Well what about the petitions telling you that c.speed on some mage classes is too low?And you want to tell me that people made a petition to tell you that classes are balanced?Come on let's be serious, I don't see why anyone would do that unless he wants to be in good terms with you or probably ask later for items.My opinion doesn't matter actually and nobody's opinion should matter but if you lied about this then why wouldn't you lie about everything else that has to do with this server.That's the real question.
  7. Well we caught you faking players who knows what other things you fake.Like the corruption people were talking about.Correct me if i'm wrong but and you just compared urself to other admins which means you're a shitty administrator.Your words not mine.Want a word about the opening?Took me like 30 mins to leave the leveling area.How's that?Is running fine without any fake amounts?I MEAN YOU POSTED A PHOTO PROVING THAT IS FAKE!!!No bugs?I see mobs that are dead being alive and can't target them.That's a bug.P.atk doesn't affect the blows on dagger classes which was reported during beta and it's
  8. I mean seriously why would anyone use hacks?Except the fact that he sucks at cs.Ruins the fun of the game.Plus you will get banned from the overwatch system.
  9. Did you even read what i wrote above?It's not self-explanatory when dealing with idiots who spent their time playing only l2j high rate java servers.Have you ever played something except high rate servers?Because you'd know what balance means and why it can't be achieved on l2j.Calculations and algorithms are completely different.So yes you can't achieve the balance l2off has.If it could it would have been done by now.How many years is l2j around?Many years and still there's no balance and the problem is admins keep "fixing" classes but they actually ruin them.So no balance can't be achieved o
  10. You were talking about proofs so i just used your words against you.It doesn't matter what you do need to prove something but according to you until proven it's just bullshit.So same goes for the "balance" i used as an example. To be honest i don't think you're corrupted but don't ever talk about balance when using l2j.No matter what you do balance won't be achieved.Balance also is not something specific especially with so many kiddos playing nowdays.For some balance would mean Necro should own while for others SPS should own when actually it should be that fighter classes are above the mages
  11. Okay so you're asking for people to prove you were corrupted but you don't have proofs for the "balance" in this server.You say you reworked the classes/skills so it means guys on acis are doing a terrible job with that but yet you still got their pack.You just say the server it's balanced but hey i see that on every single server out there. So... any proofs the classes are balanced?Of course not because it's l2j after all.L2j will never ever be the same as l2off no matter what.So there goes balance. About corruption i don't know if it's true or not but it's their word against yours.And a
  12. Looks like someone needs money and uses an old l2 server name to get players.Well i myself realized you're not the real admin and i agree with Blackhive, serious admins will never act like you do.Also the things you say to try and get out of this mess you got into, is really pathetic :) Some of us realized ur just a liar and nothing more, the rest you're going to be disappointed :) GL with it anyway.But i hope not even 1 person donates.Because you don't deserve to get money for something that's not yours.
  13. Bitdefender blocked this page This page is blocked by Bitdefender Antimalware filter. That's your site unfortunately :)
  14. Actually i'm 23 but it seems that my brain is ages away from yours since that's the way you talk to players when they ask or suggest something.Also what does pvp have to do with pve?
  15. Unfortunately you're wrong :) He's a 22 year old idiot who needs money that's all.Maybe his English is better than the rest of the l2 admins around but he'll never listen to the community. Proof of answer on a simple question "Why didn't he fill the whole area with mobs, he filled just 2-3 rooms" That's his answer :