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  1. Ok i guess im going to test this but kOza thinks he's the best player in the world so don't mind him.. Im coming back to l2 for a while to see if it is anything to start playing again. Let's hope so and good luck with the server it seems nice :)
  2. Nice..... -.-' Maybe try to write in english next time ?
  3. Haha 15ppl ? You'r kidding right ? It's most likely 300 people who tries to logg in now so please get some info before u start complaining. With those 15 ppl ur talking about i guess thats the popularity you would get if u made a server..
  4. Dude its called a PvP server for a reason.... That means it should be kind of easy to get high enchanted stuff and then just pvp. If u like hard farm or something you can go to a rate x5 server. Just sayin´
  5. (we dont need Rb jewels with Vote)!!! Vote for the 1st for god sake! Otherwise it will be a boring afk server....
  6. I didnt mean that u should make the respawn faster i ment that you should add the custom armors and weapons in the special item shop....
  7. Add Custom Wep,Armor for Farm coins instead of bosses because then everybody have to wait like 5 days before they get the armor and i guess u loose people in this way to..... So if u do it everything would be easier like 1 part for 2500 coins or 3k coins instead of bosses who never spawns
  8. why do you have 4 diffrent custom armours ? it would be better if you just added one. (My opinion)
  9. Here is the link to the website. http://l2renaissance.com/index.php
  10. You said that the lagg would be fixed within 2 days for 2-3 days ago and its still lagging when will you change the provider ?
  11. Server Down ? Or is it already some retards who DDOS it ?
  12. First of all stop using Google Translate and second they join if they want's to you cant force them to like the server...
  13. Pathetic Admin Sandora must have :o Do they have so bad features that they need to DDOS another server because it (looks) Better ?