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interlude [L2J]L2Relentless x5000 pvp server


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Welcome all to the new L][ReLeNtLeSs is finally open! Thrilling action,

special designed weapons and armors and many more...

We offer you the ultimate experience in Interlude Custom Server,

and in this chronicle only the ones who will try harder

will be able to survive...For Details Check Server Info...


Our Web Site Url: www.l2relentless.com

Join our server

by downloading interlude client and our Patches(from the

download section)! Accounts are auto created! Join Us Now![/color]


* Safe Enchant: +3

* Weapon Max Enchant: +25

* Armor Max Enchant: +25

* Jewels Max Enchant: +25

* Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 70% (Retail Like)

* Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 75%(Retail Like)

* Crystal Scroll Enchant Rate: 80% (Retail Like)



*50 Slot Buffs


Custom NPC.

*Full Gm SHop

*Casino Club

*Global Gate Keeper

*Full Buffer

*Top Pvp/pk

*Custom Trader

*Anti pk Protector


*Weding Manager




*Olympiad System:

*Olympiad Every one week.

*Include: Olympiad More info- here Hero system off-like, hero you need recive on Monument of Heroes, not automatic like in other l2j servers. We need send Userinfo packet after player setted hero.

Every hero weapons stats fixed.

Every know exploits securities more, (more) than other packs

Work like a charm and retail like.

Wings of destiny have separated script, no like other l2j in weapons..




*Custom Features:


*Custom Farm Zones

*Killing Spee System

*Vote Reward SYstem





* Every interlude Skills works.

* GrandBoss (Core,Orfen,Queen ant,Baium, Antharas,Valakas,Frintezza) and every boss work like retail.

* Partymatching - Implement Party Matching

Waiting room(now shows waiting players, works Whisper, Rm.Invite and other buttons).

Cannot kick yourself from party room.

Status update after kick/exit from room, before - then you exit you still have title "Looking for party".

Delete unneeded packet, and rework ExPartyMember.

Chat in party Match working.

*Drop protection

* Files are fully securited about game exploits, floods, feeds, bots (every new too fixed)

* New reworked mmocore with some extra filters for every known attackers.

* Siege, Clan hall siege and fortress (optional) work.

* Fully augumentation system.

* Reworked Zones

And much much more retail like things..

* Hero item untill rr

* Nobless custom item untill rr

* Protector of the players till level of PvP.(they also can't attack to other players)

* Disable Weight penalty

* DIsable Grade penalty

* Normal players can't heal Raid Bosses

* Change color of Clan Leader's name

* ProtectorPlayerPK = True

* ProtectorPlayerPVP = True

* Siege Reward System(the victor's clan members on a siege gold bar/hero untill rr)

* Clan Reputation Item(MinClanLevelNeededForCR 5)

* AllowAwayStatus (Player can change status to away mode)

* OfflineTradeEnable

* Enable wedding system

* Killing Spree System (When a Player Hits an Amount of pvp's an announcement appears)

* Olympiad weekly period. 1 week

* Auto Vote HopZone, TopZone

* Casino manager

* Siege Reward System:

* Chat Social Actions:





All Events Working 100% and is Automatic.

1) TvT Which located to Goddard Town (TvT: Working time 6:00,9:00,12:00,15:00,18:00,21:00,00:00)


2) Capture Team Flag Which Located to Goddard Town (Capture Team Flag: Working time 7:00,10:00,13:00,16:00,19:00,22:00,01:00)


3)Base War Which Located to Goddard Town (Base War : Working time 8:00,11:00,14:00,17:00,23:00)


4)Death Match Which Located to Goddard Town (Death Match: Working time 6:00,9:00,12:00,15:00,18:00,21:00,00:00)


The best player of the event take Extra Gift!




Advanced community board with following functions available:

Announcements - easy to add new ones.


Server TOP PVP List

Server TOP PK List

Server TOP ADENA Count List

Castle Status

Server Info Page

Server Features Page

Server Staff Page

Account Info Page - informations about your acc/character

Repair Character - possibility to repair chars from player account

Online GameMasters page - showing currently available staff members

Server Statistics - great server stats, such as avarge enchant, online etc

Gatekeeper support

Buffer support

Showing Grand Bosses Status

Press Alt+B






Banking system just press .bank to see info about this command

Allow easy change password in game (.changepassword).

online players just press .online


CPU: Opteron 1218

RAM: 4 x 1024 MB DDRII PC667

OnBoard LAN: 1 GBit (100 Mbps)

FTP Backup: 100 GB

Hosted In Germany.[/color]

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Every signle new Interlude server has the same features you are bound to have max 100 ppl community and to be forced to close after the second month [best option] It's not even worth it to log.. be more creative create something new !

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