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interlude [L2J]Lineage II Extreme


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Some words regarding the server


Welcome to Lineage II Extreme, a custom Lineage II server created from players and available for players on world wide basis. The team of Lineage II Extreme, has worked very hard, has spent endless nights working on the server's aspects, planning and designing the server in order to meet perfection.


We can ensure that the server will be totaly flawless, long running stable and balanced. We can also ensure that the team is totally fair, non-corrupt and professional.

The fact that the server is made by people that have huge exprience in Lineage II, web and servers in general will provide you with an exciting Lineage II experience you'll never forget.

Our team, wishes you a nice and memorable stay at Lineage II Extreme.




Server's rates / features



pointer2.gifServer Rates:


RateXp = 1000.00

RateSp = 1000.00

RatePartyXp = 2.00

RatePartySp = 2.00

RateDropAdena = 1000.00

RateConsumableCost = 1.00

RateDropItems = 1.00

RateDropSealStones = 1.00

RateDropSpoil = 1.00

RateDropManor = 1


pointer2.gifEnchant Rates:


Safe Enchant = +4

Weapon Max Enchant = +18

Armor Max Enchant = +16

Jewels Max Enchant = +16


Normal Scroll Enchant Rate = 80%

Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate = 100%




65 Buff Slots

35 Song Dance Slots

12 Debuff Slots


pointer2.gifCustom Npc`s:


Full GM Shop

Full Buffer

Global GateKeeper


Nobless Manager

Class Manager

Server Info

Top Status

Raid Boss Info

Weding Manager

Anti PK

Olympiad Manager




Retail Like

Olympiad Cycle = 1 Month


pointer2.gifCustom Features:


Tattoos (P/m def, CP/MP/HP)

Anti Buff Shield

Custom Farm Zones

Custom Currency

PvP Color System

Clan Lord Announce

Hero Announce

Killing Spree System

Offline Trades

Vote Reward System




C4/C5/Interlude features/skills working 100%


Seven Signs

Castle Sieges

Clan Hall Sieges

Noblesses & Heroes System

Max Level 80

All Quests

Clan Wars

C5/Interlude Clan System

subclans (Academy,Royal Guards,Order of Knights)

Cursed weapons

Wepon Augmentations

Shadow Weapons

Dueling System

All C4/C5/Interlude Skills

All Raid Bosses + Grand Bosses + Frintezza

Olympiad 100% Retail like

DualBox allowed

100% Retail like gameplay without any customs

Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes

Active and experienced development/GMteam!

No corruptions!

Not used accounts will be deleted after 2 months


100% Uptime

International community






Heavy Medal

Advanced hitman



DDoS Protection




Some words about Dragonara & DDoS Protection.Dragonara Network


Dragonara DDos protection is Advanced Traffic analisator and HTTP(s) Distill Engine, providing Instant Attack Filtering feature against all types of DDoS Attacks. The intelligent sense of patent pending mitigation technology is able to protect Web applications, Game servers, Audio and Video streams, Multimedia chats.


- "Dragonara.Net has been awarded The Best DDoS Protection 2011 by Ecommerce Journal."


Nowadays the companies that haven't cared for their security lose billions of dollars at DDoS Attacks all over the world. Thousands of special companies constantly search for the solutions to prevent server attacks.


However, having obtained world experience, Dragonara experts make theoretical designs of the possible DDoS Attack and develop the methods of their control. Due to the systematic, analytical and research approach to the problem of constantly arising DDoS Attacks, we managed to achieve phenomenal results in prevention of development of the given threat. Basing on protection hardware and software, and well as on unique technological solutions, we install a strong reliable servers protection on the servers located at our site or rented in our company.




The server guarantees that there will be no lags/wipes/sudden downtimes/attacks/exopoits.




Server's website & Contact methods

Server's Website

Server's Boards

Contact the Administrator administrator@l2xtr.com

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The only failed person here, that's you; sadly.

Server's awesome, the balance is uber, and the community from the first moment is like 50 people online.


I don't know, a hater like you came from, L2tibet? Imitation?


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