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  1. Current version: MC 1.16.5 Server IP: tildox.mine.game Server name: Twitch / TildoX Server type: Survival with plugins Current status: Online Server tournament: Not planned yet As soon you login to the server you need to type in chat /register urpassword123 urpassword123 also two times same password that you want to use to login in our server. Then you have to login after you registered the new account by typing in chat /login urpassword123 More info will be added later.
  2. Giveaway event 20 mars on saturday. Price: 60 euro you can choose whatever you want on steam for 60 euro. GL everybody be there https://www.twitch.tv/tildox
  3. TildaO


    Giveaway event 20 mars on saturday. Price: 60 euro you can choose whatever you want on steam for 60 euro. GL everybody be there https://www.twitch.tv/tildox
  4. Hello guys! help a brother from lineage 2 and let his dream become true so i can quit work as a scaffolder before i break my back xD I am going to full serious focus on streaming now and need everyones help! please follow my stream and visit the profile you'll help me alot by just one click <3
  5. Hello guys I think you should help a brother because its totally free and helps alot! to watch my stream and follow me! peace and take care everyone <3 https://www.twitch.tv/tildox
  6. the server died anima came just to get some money xD
  7. Hey guys! It has been ages since last time I played linage 2, currenrtly leading a guild in wow but it feels like it would be amazing to play a little l2 and I wonder if there is any server around x50 rates mid rate interlude l2off or a pvp high rate that are good and stable with population
  8. Server is up and running guys :)
  9. Guys server going up in one day, don't miss ur chance if you havent played l2forever before. It was really one of the best mid rate l2off servers that were running. Join us!
  10. For those that haven't played on old l2forever, then you've missed a good server. I've played lots of l2off mid rate servers but I never had that much fun in any server as I had in l2forever, it was very unique and now u have the chance to play it once more or for the first time! Don't miss ur chance! https://discord.gg/EYkgm92 this is the discord of server
  11. GL I will give it a try and my friend lets do this shit
  12. Hello guys, I have left pc gaming and xbox behind me its time to play ps4! Lets play together guys! Lets add each other! Add me guys my name in psn is ArturHouse
  13. By the way guys my girlfriend sits next to me gogo follow me :D i just owned a dota 2 match :DF
  14. By the way I will be streaming some dota 2 and I am streaming right now to let you know guys :)
  15. Yo guys. I started to stream and feel free to support me by watching me and follow me guys! I'll be streaming: BF4. Bf3, HoN, Lineage 2 and WoW www.twitch.tv/arturhousee
  16. Haaaai boooys! Guess who's back! As the title says I am searching for a good l2off mid server or l2j pvp with many people online and interessting features.
  17. There is like 20 people online xd
  18. Selling on www.l2blaze.net - 13 goldbar - dc set Pm me with offer Only paypal!
  19. I am looking for a maid, want to?
  20. add me if you're playing mw3 on xbox 360 > ArturHouse
  21. Better thanks, but I would like to improve it even more, The main logo "Sajnet" to make it looks better you can make ur own style if you like to