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Welcome To Lineage II Unit


Server Status


Lineage 2 Unit is brought to you by an experienced crew of gamers, coders, administrators and game masters. We dedicate ourselves in providing the best gaming experience for a Lineage 2 Private Server. Our purpose is to offer a Gracia Epilogue Server that you aren't able to find . We are ready to open your eyes and show you a new way of a PvP Server . Our skilled team have worked hardly until find the server that you were looking. The server we provide is lag-free, back by advance hardware and bandwidth!

General Information

- 2000x Experience , 2000x Skill Points , 2000x Adena , 2x Drop.

- Safe enchant +4 , Max enchant +16

- Enchant rate with normal enchant scroll 100%

- 26 Normal Buffs slots and 12 Dance/Songs (+4 can be added by using Divine Inspiration)

- Max atributte level 7 (100% Enchant Chance)

- Starting level 85

- Max Subclass 3

- Server based on the pvp.

- There are not custom items.

- NPC buffer , GMshop , Custom Gatekeeper .

- New heroes every two weeks, castle sieges every two weeks.

- You haven't to make quests , automaticaly class changer , noblesse item selled at shop.

Unique Features

- PVP system quite similar to retail. Class balance is almost complete.

- Fully operational Instances.

- Olympiad retail like , without any powered class there.

- Well developed custom events, team vs team , capture the flag.

- Powerfull dedicated server, Intel® Core™ i7-980X Hexacore , 24 GB DDR3 RAM. 3x 120 GB SSD.

- No Karma Drop.

- 90%of items in GM Shop are free

- Clan System , Castle benefit system .

Server Protection

- Anti-Bot System. You can't join with programs like L2Net , L2Walker.

- Anti-Cheat System. You can't join with l2phx , l2haplex .

- DDOS Protection System. High security versus attacks.

Farm Zones

[Cursed Village]

- Normal Mobs ---> Adena , Blue Eva.


[Anomic Foundry]

- Normal Mobs ---> Adena , Mouse Coin.


[Garden Of Eva]

- Normal Mobs ---> Adena , Atributte Stones, low rate divine inspiration, Blessed Scrolls.

Instances & Custom Zones

[Dark Cloud Mansion](needing two persons)

- Normal Mobs ---> A-Normal Mobs ---> Adena ,Low chance Life Stones


[seed of Destruction](needing command channel)

-Normal Mobs ---> Adena , Life Stones , Low chance Coins of Luck.

-Raid Boss ---> Boosted Adena , Boosted Coins of Luck ,Boosted Life Stones.


[Crystal Caverns](needing quest items , buyables at exchange. You will need big party)

-Normal Mobs ---> Adena ,Life Stones , Middle chance Coins of Luck.

-Raid Boss ---> Boosted Adena , Boosted Coins of Luck ,Boosted Life Stones.


[The Tunnel] Powerfull mobs that respawn every hour . There you can find every shirt and belt.

Server Staff

width=16 height=11http://www.aedes.us/i2/1NyFR.png[/img] Unit (Owner)

width=16 height=11http://www.aedes.us/i2/c9bGn.png[/img] SoulCry (Developer)

width=16 height=11http://www.aedes.us/i2/YxcAw.png[/img] Livity (GameMaster)

width=16 height=11http://www.aedes.us/i2/1NyFR.png[/img] Cero (GameMaster)

width=16 height=11http://l2unit.com/forum/Themes/default/images/flags/us.png[/img] Ghost (GameMaster)

width=16 height=11http://www.aedes.us/i2/tn4pE.png[/img] Ramses (GameMaster)

Useful Links

L2Unit Website

L2Unit Forum

Facebook Page

Videos from the old server


Lineage II Unit™ Staff

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fail...fail.fail not recomment ....better...play dota....or what ever :) not this server :)

i think you are one of the admins from l2ifeel :))) HATERS!!!!! server seems nice an the features are ok ;)

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Don't guess be sure. At least server is more succed than iFeel and won't close in a month like yours.

Anyway server will remain offline for a couple of hours beacuse of updates/some fixes and some events

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