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  1. Skilled person, many good codes writed by him, i can realy recomend him :) good write style, easy adaptations to any source, realy helpful and friendly dev :)
  2. maybe some one still have system with textures? link of system dead
  3. yes but its only patch in 4shared, source is in dead mega share
  4. maybe some one still have this garbage to reshare? it has good .dressme system that i would like to take
  5. is here any way to remove underline in l2j from links in htm? using acis 374
  6. Found solutions, Thread can be closed. thx member - L2J Nexus on this forum that helped me to found client side width :)
  7. maybe you have an idea where in client? im looking for it few last hours but cant find in the system
  8. no its the main contructor of the on screen message that i posted in 1st post okay i got it how its work now, thx for explain, so as i understand now i need to find how to change that packet start point on the window? if ill set it to the side then this empty line from middle screen will be gone?
  9. Hello MxC Im curently working with: Interlude T0/C6 - java Im kinda stuck with silly issue on ExShowScreenMessage packet: @Override protected void writeImpl() { writeC(0xfe); writeH(0x38); writeD(_type); // 0 - system messages, 1 - your defined text writeD(_sysMessageId); // system message id (_type must be 0 otherwise no effect) writeD(_position); // message position writeD(_hide ? 1 : 0); // hide writeD(_size); // font size 0 - normal, 1 - small writeD(_unk2); // ? writeD(_unk3); // ? writeD(_effect ? 1 : 0); // upper effect (0 - disabled, 1 enabled) - _position must be 2 (center) otherwise no effect writeD(_time); // time writeD(_fade ? 1 : 0); // fade effect (0 - disabled, 1 enabled) writeS(_text); // your text (_type must be 1, otherwise no effect) } using: sendPacket(new ExShowScreenMessage(1, -1, 3, false, 1, 0, 0, false, 20000, false, messageText); on the image i maked red colow size of the ExShowScreenMessage packet, i need to decrease it to the blue marker size, i dont get it why its even so big. this marked size doesnt allow to press that location with mouse and thats how its interupting my movements, i need to fix that, any help please?
  10. How to run this server pack? :D no executable files in it , no instructions, please, atleast basic info how to fire it up :)