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oh well, first of all there is no hard disk that reads 100 mb / sec

which results that there's no internet like that, it's made by the big company's for publicity , and ur of the noobs that felt for it, hf


SSDs can read up to 600 mb/s, can't they? :D
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well i guess i'm too old.

what i ment to say, is that the hard disk that THE guy is using on his dedicated , can't

In the dedicated this is the features from the company i test it via www.speedtest.net and is 88 mbs etc..

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Join this server , is pretty kool we just need more ppl to join, 0 lag, 0 bug, always on, nice and friendly gms, join ppl see ya there Cheesy


Really now thank you! You are the first one who said something good about me and the server!


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Make the farm more easy has very difficult farm for gbs..srv is pvp..

Ok i have make easier the farm and i think is ok now :P


server sux . Lags . Unbalance. Corruped. 5 ppl on. Just homemade


This is bullsh!ts

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