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[Share]Vampir Legend System!


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at the beginning i am saying that its not similar to Stefoulis15, his share is about what legend is getting when he is legend, and mine is something like how to become legend


So i think it would be cool if in lineage was something like that, its like hero of the day, but i named him legend :P

While getting pvp points u are also getting points to become legend, everyday when olympiad begin, this points are deleted and Legend of the server is being chosen. Guy who have most of those points and isnt gm is getting legend privilage. In next day this privilage is deleted and new legend is being chosen.

Now the privilages, since Stefoulis15 made Great epic super share i thought that there is no sense to make any complicated privilage for legend coz u can just take them from Stefoulis15 legend system. Atm when guy who is legend is logging in, there is announce that "nick, server legend, has logged into game", when legend is being chosen there is msg that nick became legend with x points and he is getting tittle "server legend" - isnt working very well but anyway u can take it from other share.

Just to dont make wall of text i will just show u what u have to add



In characters add at the end 2 new fields:

Name:        Type:    length: 

legend        tinyint    5

pvp_period  smallint  10

dont allow null


ok so thats enough of sql, now core part



i gave code to pastebin as requested before


Credits: Vampir(me) and some help from matim when i got stuck :*

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same sht but stefoulis15 better one http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=69891.0

Jesus man, did u read the code? mine and his?

tell me how in Stefoulis15 share guys are getting legends

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so let me explain u that u are wrong

in his share, u get legend only by putting number 1 into database, in my share, when olympiad stats, guy who have most pvp in last day, is getting legend, so thats not the same,

in his share legend is getting custom skills, hero and some other things, in my share, he is getting almost nothing, just tittle + announce when he is logging in


We have got no similar code, my code is totally different and doing other things, i must agree that title is same coz thats what i wanted to do, coz ppl can connect this 2 codes and make something rly cool

and idea, maybe in some point yes coz we both wanted to make player(in his share can be more), but our shares are totally different, in few words, i wrote how to get legend, he wrote what legendary player is getting

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