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  1. You say you will pay.. so you must move your post to Marketplace i think.
  2. Guys maybe he dosnt know how to write it from zero at java.
  3. WTS Interlude Files Best For Pvp

    This server project is alive and successfully (no bugs no shits ) just a balanced custom pvp server.
  4. [L2J]L2Mad

    Another "Donate to play Server" .... nice gl ...
  5. The best ... dont be lazy just search.
  6. Εισαι σιγουρος οτι ειναι "Server Side" ? και όχι "Client Side" ? ... για ψαξε λιγο και μεσα στο "systemmsg-e.dat"
  7. Searching

    Why you say "GM SHOP FOR Acis" .... ALL GM SHOPS is the same at any pack ^_^
  8. sometimes some rooters have firewalls...try to disable it :)
  9. at simple java projects you can easy change it from "Quest Script" of npc..... (like L2J,L2JFree,l2jfrozen..etc...) but at aCis you change it from eclipse.....
  10. copy/paste the "OLD" script folder from "QUEST" Zaken to yours ;)
  11. Acis Enchant System

    And why i cant found it -_-
  12. Acis Enchant System

    Okey but... i need Blessed/Crystals Scrolls different rate... is there any CODE ? TnX...