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  1. yes. take an "Working Armor-weapon" ID. Copy paste to the last line. change the ID-Name etc.... = Done :)
  2. Hello there. Anyone knows how i can play with my friends at Internet Cafe CS:GO together ? .... as LAN I tried everything as i see from some videos on Youtube but nothing. Please if someone knows something write me here.
  3. Nothing special from the others servers. Good luck....
  4. LOLAWOLF :D is the best GL With your sell.
  5. GL With your server.. i wish not to be like the others servers (1 week 2.000 pppl and after 100 players..) Ofc i will log... but... no Beta test?.. no CLAN event? (i mean Bring your clan here and take reward clan lvl 8 + full skills ...etc) take care with the DONATION ITEMS..... make a GOOD Vote Reward... so ppl must vote every day... E.G.(Like Vote Reward Passive Increase +2.000 Hp) Good Luck ^_^
  6. You say you will pay.. so you must move your post to Marketplace i think.
  7. Guys maybe he dosnt know how to write it from zero at java.
  8. This server project is alive and successfully (no bugs no shits ) just a balanced custom pvp server.
  9. Another "Donate to play Server" .... nice gl ...
  10. Εισαι σιγουρος οτι ειναι "Server Side" ? και όχι "Client Side" ? ... για ψαξε λιγο και μεσα στο "systemmsg-e.dat"
  11. paokara2009


    Why you say "GM SHOP FOR Acis" .... ALL GM SHOPS is the same at any pack ^_^