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  1. Hi, MxC I decided to make something differend than only Custom NPC and its Custom Icons for Lineage 2 i have test them on Freya and work very good i think they will work on all choronicle becouse i was begun to make them for C4 but server was offline and when i try them on Freya they work fine soo there is some presentation :) on this second image u will see again custom icons but with ID's soo i will try to make 1 fast tutorial for newbies who don't know how to exchange icons :) for example i will give this item: icon.weapon_artisans_sword_i00 soo from here wee need this line icon.weapon_artisans_sword_i00 and exchange with for example shady.lucifer.0010 must look like this: soo i hope this will help :) Soo here is Vol. 2 Of Custom icons :-))) This is only pictures of icons down is not icon ID i will add UTX Viewer to select Download: Download UTX Viewer: Download Credits By Shady (Me) Review of my first custom items :) http://maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=216906.msg1880807#msg1880807