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  1. Hi, If anyone would be so kind and took a look at this it would be very nice .) I can run there L2NET, but we are not big friends bcuz i get stuck all the time with l2net and its very hard to use l2net for me.Also I heard that this server has bot protection, but if this is true or not..I don't know. Chronicle: Gracia Epilogue Site: www.l2cerberus.eu IP/port: Account/PW: I am worried i don't want them to search for my IP and give me ban, but here is the registration page: http://l2cerberus.eu/acm/ registration is pretty fast. THank you for help :) EDIT:
  2. Does this work for Cerberus(7x) ? UPDATE: yes it does, I love you Oracle :D (hope I won't get ban) UPDATE2: Autoban, hehe :D
  3. omg stop spaming this bullshits its very old not working anymore stop asking again!
  4. Hi im trying to make l2net/l2w workin' on CZG, but no solution yet, please could somebody post a walking bot/way to bypass by L2.net? ty for answer
  5. or not playing there... if we are talking about l2w the answer is no...no walker working here yet
  6. Mpj said, that he will probably try to solve bypassing for l2net this week
  7. Owner's name is Oddi @l2net forum as you can see on the picture. Anyway...he doesn't wanna realease his customised l2net yet.
  8. this is getting better: Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  9. rpog-club is blocking l2s bot..only auto assist on party member is allowed