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  1. if somebody is newbie and have alot of pvps, he must be super newbie cause everybody knows that he farm pvp with some of retarded ways ...
  2. give ss for prove or video please.
  3. hmn, hidding it from normal ppl eyes is lame imho cause everybody can easly google it ;P but anyway Simple tutorial
  4. Titan i think in C6 ;p ( was years ago ;[ )
  5. in this time you can find a lot of soft for pots use, not only l2control etc, just search ;]
  6. Can u dont spam ? If u can't answer to my question > go away
  7. Hi everybody! I'm looking for pvp server (300x +++ ) where exploit with dupe goldbars works, post here or pm me.
  8. old crest but anyway i use 1 of them for my clan/ally ;p
  9. Donate re for lams which can't be pro without this, fuck you all donate kids, emo lams !