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  1. News: normal enchant rate increased from 65% to 70% LS and blessed scrolls added in farm zones ! HF
  2. You dont have one weapons +18 if you can say such a thing. Its not such a big difference between +10 and +18, on a weapon or an armor item. The thing that count more then enchants are the attributes. And you enchant your weapon with blessed scrolls ???? LoL !!!! Its 200kk adena one weapon and in 10 minutes you have 1kkk. Use normal scrolls mate , not blessed ones :)
  3. New: Dealer Manager (try your luck and double your money) Uniq Rebirth System (3 levels - 3 different passive skills)
  4. I dont see what is the problem with attribute level 9, because until beta will be over the class balance will be very good. Buffer is split in 2 npc's , one with all the buffs section and one for scheme buffing...and about that farm moobs, the farm system is very easy, so ? This is a pvp server 3000x, not a medium rate or low rate one where you need to farm a lot. But this is your point and i respect it :) HF
  5. We didnt gather so much players as we expected on interlude , but with gracia we allready have 100+ from 18.05 when the server was started. So, thats why we choose to close, not to wipe the interlude project and to open a new epilogue pvp server. The server dont have donations, so i dont see any problem :) Good luck and Have fun
  6. Beta test online from 18.05.2010 until 23.05.2010 without wipe . Have fun and see you ig :) www.l2deviance.com
  7. because you must have a clan above level 3 to equip it and you must be a noblesse
  8. We have more allready, but 100 is the number that is online everytime. Between 6 and 12 P.M we have over 150, but in day time like 100-130
  9. the server is online for 5-6 weeks, so its not very old. the most important thing is that the new players remain on it and its stable.
  10. right now we have 115 online, but the community grow every week , so that is not a problem
  11. the community is very friendly and helpfull, we have many players from England, Bulgaria, Greece, Argentina, Romania, Lituania and other country to. Its a COMMUNITY in all senses :) Join and you will discover it !
  12. we have over 30 heroes at oly, the class balance is very good, because only if you enter you will see at least 7-8 different classes in towns, so this is not the problem. in most important farm spots we have pk guards, so you dont have how to make pk, also after 30 pk;s you have 50% drop chance , all playerrs know this thing very well. So, you dont have how to take pk from another player, because they respect the rules and dont kill the newbie players. The farm system is quite easy, in 2-3 hours you are rdy for pvp with top gear
  13. solved and please next time post on our forums, not here because i dont check this topic daily We decided to improve our server hardware and internet band performances , and we found a good offer in frankfurt germany , more details on our forums - Rewards/Services topic (available also for unregistered users). For that reason we decided in implement a rewards/services system for thoose that will contribute to the montly payments because our team cannot support over 100 euros/month. All you have to know is the fact that "donators" will not recive special items or custom ski
  14. i didnt add anything , that thing about intact armor is just a poll and we will try to re-design the textures for an uniq look. you have allready custom tattoos, so i dont see the point to add others :)
  15. with lifestones only 25% to obtain a active or passive skills. with victory medals 100% from pagal