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  1. Hello every body! I'm looking for help about costume armor adding in H5. I have an armor pack for CT2.3 and I want to get it work in H5. My problem is, the file edit if not saving the data. I hope someone can help me :) Thx fowardly.
  2. Hello! Can you make a mod to disable view distance limit? Or make the range bigger, when im in big open space ingame its like im in a fog box. Of corse i setted everything to max....
  3. Hello I want to buy a stable H5 pack for my server. The pack should include TvT, CTF, and protection from tower and russians :D Thx fowardly.
  4. Hello I have a similiar question to this. Is there a way to add ertheia map additions to GF or H5? Such as Ancient City or orbis temple? Or the race can be added? I think its not an easy question. But the NC guy's was able to do it. :) Thx fowardly.
  5. Hy! Can anyone help me to make it work on Linux?
  6. the rapid share links dont work. pls re share it if u have the stuff :). Im looking foward to it.