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  1. Hi Sell hero duelist in l2tales Vesper Noble armor Heavy all +6 PVP +7 Duals perial +6 300 aug pas p.atk Duals vesper +6 300 aug act p.atk Olf shirt +6 mithril Belt +6 pvp , Mithril Bracelet vorpal and elegia + Olym sets skills +30/10 2b adena and more weapoons and armors Pm me
  2. attention should be scammer. Have no proof of how the account has, does not want to log into the game and did not give prints
  3. WTB ChAr, items, adena in l2tales Pm me
  4. I'm to buy a Tanke, stripped/Equipped level 99 on Shilen I don't care if it has a subclass or noblesse. Please PM me: 1. Character's name 2. Gear 3. Your price (PayPal or Adena) Ty
  5. yes i copy in AI.OBJ I have this error in L2NPC. Npc[Class_Master] doesn`t have parameter[type]. Failed to set
  6. l2off PM ME Payment: Paypal Offline Trade&Craft AIO Auto TVT Class Master Set Armor and Weapon
  7. I'm having a problem. added the npc everything ok but not change class what can be the problem? ty