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  1. As title says, selling bulk of 150b adena in Core server. Only for "VERY" Trusted people at top price of 2.3eu per 1b. (all adena gained through hunting/donate). I already emailed few of trusted traders asking for prices, 1st come 1st serve! (for non trusted we can use my trusted middle-man and price is 2.5eu) Thanks!
  2. EE for sale Talking Island server. LVL 77.5 All skills except for WM. 600 NCoin 40eu Also BD and WC on skelth 70+, more info on request. Via pm
  3. WTS skelth WC LVL 67.97% Gear: naked, No dyes Few exp scrolls in WH. Leveled by hand no clan arenas. Only skill not learned: chant of movement. Will Give email as well which char was created with. HAS 35 days SUB Via PayPal, hit me with pm if interested
  4. P.s. Whether you have good rep on mxc with ppl what can vouch for you, or you trade 1st :) Happy trading.
  5. WTB adena in skelth for 0.65 per kk. PM with details, trusted members with rep preferably
  6. With good provider will also might need some adena x)
  7. Wtb pwlvl for lvl 30 char to 58 (No need 2nd class quest) Let me know your price in pm or here Thx
  8. All went good, traded fast and cheaper than any other I saw so far +rep
  9. I do, but you keep waiting and never say anything straight when you gonna buy it so I'm a little confused whether you will take it or not
  10. Stock: 6.5b Price: 13eu - 1b Via paypal only Selling only for trusted members that have verified paypal accounts only, contact via private message for skype info. Dont waste time with 1post accounts. Thanks and good luck! x)
  11. Silver 4eu per rank GN 8eu per rank Prime account desirable but not necessary.