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  1. l2 better world pwned in c1 :D on l2dex i had the best times in lineage experience and now l2max temporary, but its crappy server
  2. explain me what u want to do to make walker auto unlock boxes when u are sleeping or to see real/fake boxes when u play, just to see... and all npc have ID, this is how that in game patch is made, they change name or tittle for different monsters with different ID
  3. i think you cant, you need a modified file in your system folder called npcname-e.dat or if u wanna open boxes with walker you need to know good box'es ID and i think u will need to make a script for opening boxes
  4. copy http://www.l2adenalineage.com/l2-walker-guide-2/ paste maxbastards xD
  5. is that 99999 ping is written in red colour?
  6. w/e if its 65535, i know at least on l2j it is if u make a +16 one on any normal server there's no point in enchanting more
  7. humans most, but i like dark elves more so my vote for dark elfe anyway :P btw humans have the most ugly g@y looking char in this game - human mystic male, hate this lol char
  8. there is a very good spot in loa for ~65++ , only undead all around you can kill there till all mobs become dark blue u need turn undead there, and its near "2nd station" noblesse teleport
  9. good video :P seen it long time ago and about enchant, its for fighters weapons 2/3 i heard, for mages/swords is lower chance 1/3 i think
  10. such guides sux, the only guides somebody would need are about dyes with explanations and mb some info about skills, not how to pray and give bluff bla bla bla i dont agree with these dyes, since c4 its not good anymore to lower str :D and not only TH has switch
  11. l2, and since this forum is mostly about l2.... not hard to gues what wins the poll :P
  12. if u have many items and many scrols then 2nd option is better, i do this one, but ussualy i dont have many so i enchant 1 by 1
  13. 4 years ago tarbar was everything to me :D best weapon :]