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  1. afou einai sto idio diktio anigis cmd grafeis ipconfig kai vazeis sta configs tin ip tou pernei to pc sou. px sto deutero pc anigis l2.ini kai vazeis kai mpeneis ston server. oute ports oute tipota :D ektos an 8es na mpei kapoios apo alo diktio.
  2. java -Xmx2G -cp ./libs/*; net.sf.l2j.gameserver.GameServer change Xmx2G to Xmx1536m if not work change to Xmx1G
  3. if you want to make a x55 server go in a clean pack. use l2jserver
  4. maybe you no save the file? error in build? error in code?
  5. des auto pistevw 8a se kalipsi. exei kai demo an 8es na to dokimasis
  6. Staffer Promotions for

    promote melron. is helping active in forum and helping newbies
  7. o filos sou tha mpenei me tin ip sou (ipv4) esu 8a mpeis me tin local ip sou ( stous filous sou 8a dineis tin ip v4 kai esu 8a mpeneis me tin local ip. (ipv4 (local
  8. WTS Fanpage (Lineage 2) FACEBOOK

    :P tell me price in inbox
  9. forum is bad

    clear google chrome history and you are ok! :D
  10. Help Help about faction code

    post error here
  11. just use only the code. its for acis 365 find here
  12. in vps the ip is static. if you want to make with letters download no-ip and take your ip. (its static ip) if you want to use from your pc use no-ip for static :)