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  1. Looking great. Def going to try!
  2. last new server didn't last long before getting merged, lifespan of each is going to probably be smaller and smaller xD
  3. Your client sets up a shop selling 10 keymats of something for 1m each, if he bought 10 m off you respectively, that's just it.
  4. Well I think that these days they are just taking some things which are essential for L2 ( like RMT ) too serious...
  5. Reborn on the other hand had a way WORSE issue during winter of 2019. The very first russian side to dominate the server had to eventually left it after admins leaking the exact time of Baium respawn to unepic said and cancelling the olympiad period which would have resulted in russians taking 90% heroes over unepic.
  6. Valhalla age has paid streamers as a part of their promotion program. To reduce the expenses they are just paying them a some part of the salary in form of ingame currency and keep the eyes closed while they do heavy RMT.
  7. From my experience - yes. Managed to avoid several l2reborn banwaves.
  8. Looks like a full CIS domination, well what else would you expect on a russian based server.
  9. I've heard admins of some paranoid servers like l2reborn and l2etina ( rip ) used some scripts to trace exchange / freighting of adena so it turns out that the trade shop is being the safest so far
  10. Buying low value items out from trade shop works best for adena.