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  1. Black Ops 4 is free this month in PS Plus for those who own PS 4 or 5... And everyday there are plenty of players mainly for Battle Royale and Multiplayer function..... Warzone everyday got players online though..!!!! they will have because we can share latest news for both versions of Call Of Duty from the official site if needed(Activision) so yeah....
  2. Hey!!!! Good Afternoon first of all, I would like to suggest to you if you could add 2 extra sub forums into the Other MultiPlayer Section.. First one for Call of Duty Modern WarFare(AKA Warzone) and Black Ops 4 sections.. each area must include sub-forums such as General discussion, MatchMaking Request(s), News and Updates(Members can post any news related to those two separate games into each proper section, Media Corner(Posting screenshots or videos from their best gameplays) etc.... Would be amazing if we could make any updates in that section though! Thanks for your time to read this topic-suggestion! Good Luck!!!!
  3. λέγε ρε legendary warrior 🤣🤣
  4. That's up to Premium members about sharing content into private area... If noone gonna share any content, area will remain as it is recently, so....
  5. The images into our personal profiles from this new feature are xxl sized... can they be medium to small sized pictures??? P.S. Same exist for Main Page of the forum Proof:
  6. the rank to my profile isn't working... it just shows Member as rank.... thanks. @Celestine
  7. GOST not anymore as it seem so
  8. Ovh including ddos?... it will be difficult to run my site without protects you know....
  9. Server seem to be ok! I've tested it and also had fun... As of enchanting rates etc i would made for +20 the same like +16 enchant rates tho.. I don't think that everyone is gonna spend their time for enchanting items... @L2ATLAS
  10. Do we know any good hosting Companies with protections that discounts are running or having decent selling prices in 2021 except hostchefs.eu and xostme? Seeking for advices & suggestions for my upcoming site!
  11. https://serverrankings.com/ (L2 Main Site) & https://fivem.serverrankings.com/ (FiveM Server Ranking Site), Coming Soon!!!!!!!! 

  12. x50 pvp with all items,buffer,GateKeeper with towns and areas in alt + b community board would be amazing option tho.
  13. The file "classes" must be into C:/Program Files(x86)/Lineage II Client Folder @Celestine ?
  14. If you need help for anything let me know, i'm willing to help out as much as i can 🙂