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  1. Trully amazing and optimized job! everything seem so clean and organized at the same time!!!! Gz @Strain
  2. Vince*

    GR Fivem Ban

    Αρχικά το ban από την FiveM είναι temporarily οπότε μην έχεις φόβο για perma.... 2ον Η RockStar και το κέντρο εξυπηρέτησης πελατών της δεν είναι τόσο γρήγορο ούτος ώστε να λάβεις απάντηση άμεσα.... 3ον Αν όντως θες να ξανά μπεις στο FiveM η μόνη σου λύση είναι να δημιουργήσεις νέο λογαριασμό με νέο e-mail....
  3. by Paying someone to play with you, that's not normal... Who's gonna pay to play with a human?
  4. ok ok gotcha.! i'm watching video tutorials(The basics at first) just to be inside of the AE environment so i'm not in a rush to build such things as i've posted to my first post, i was just wondering cuz half of the people that using AE they're using it mainly for film purposes instead of other parts of graphic designs tho. Thanks in advance @Kara . @Vision lock it με κάλυψε το παλικάρι.
  5. Hello Community, I got a question about Adobe AE(After Effects) I saw in most videos that everyone is using after effect mainly for movies etc... So i'm going to ask IF we are able to use AE for other parts of graphic designs such as logos,banners,signatures etc... I'm thinking to try it out whilst i have a free time... I would appreciate it if i had any feedback from all of you. Peace n Love 🙂 ❤️
  6. using illustrator isn't easy to use, so yeah your practicing has been improved alot tbh!! I hope in future that you will have customers that will requesting any logo/website template though..... Good Luck buddy 🙂 🆒
  7. δεν είναι ο πρώτος ούτε ο τελευταίος... εδώ έχεις δει χειρότερα μωρέ και κολλάς σε έναν που έκανε ένα λάθος? πάντα σε λεπτομέρειες κολλάτε οι περισσότεροι και δεν είναι καλό αυτό....
  8. στο ποστ του παιδιού που ζήτησε βοήθεια για το Eclipse έγραψες αν δεν το θυμάσαι.... Μήπως να σε κοιτάξει κανένας γιατρός για Alzheimer?
  9. τόσο επιθετικός ξανά βρε κάρα? 😛 δεν βαρέθηκες να κράζεις τους πάντες εδώ? 😛
  10. περίεργο τρένο είσαι εσύ... στο GOST να μιλάς σαν Παναγίτσα και στα ποστ με τις ερωτήσεις των παιδιών για τα θέματα του lineage 2 να είσαι τόσο aggresive λες και σου κλέψανε λεφτά από το πορτοφόλι σου.... τι φάση?
  11. How long are you waiting for money to be delivered to you if i may ask?
  12. Hello, i came here today to share with you a vehicle for your fivem server. Check screens bellow: INSTRUCTIONS DOWNLOAD LINK: [Hidden Content] CREDITS GOES TO: GTA5 MODS
  13. Just be yourself and everything will be perfect though 🙂 . Warm Welcome from me too mate!
  14. Greetings! In this Topic i will share latest gameserver's updates as they will be posted in official website..!!!!!!!!!! So don't forget to keep an eye to this topic as it will be updated anytime in future!!!!!!!!!!! 21-7-2021 [Dreams & Nightmares] – Added a checkbox for workshop submissions to be entered into the Dreams & NightMares Contest. [Matchmaking] – Players that receive unusually high amounts of griefing reports will get a warning, followed by escalating competitive cooldowns. [Maps] – Pitstop — Patched hole in clipping on upper balcony. — Improved skybox and fog. — Fixed broken collision model on bombsite tent. — Removed pixel walk on outside box. — Added dev texture. – Mocha — Several windows opened in B site to allow for grenade throws. — Wall from CT spawn into Middle raised to remove a boost. — Added a trash bin in front of T spawn to self jump up. — Foliage platform above the A site plant zone is no longer clipped. — Truck near B site is no longer clipped. — Geometry adjusted to fix an angle from T side into CT side of Middle. — Minor clipping and optimization improvements. — Fixed multiple bomb stuck spots. Official Credits goes to : Counter-Strike:Global Offensive.Net More Updates to be posted In Future!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Black Ops 4 is free this month in PS Plus for those who own PS 4 or 5... And everyday there are plenty of players mainly for Battle Royale and Multiplayer function..... Warzone everyday got players online though..!!!! they will have because we can share latest news for both versions of Call Of Duty from the official site if needed(Activision) so yeah....
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