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  1. Whilst you have made this category and its boards, you will also need few extra groups for forum, such as FiveM developers, FiveM supporters, FiveM Moderators etc... (Imo, seem to be good idea afterall...), Also Servers advertise section is missing!!!
  2. Most of those projects due to their low traffic for any reason such as services price or setup price, they give up and they doesn't keep their project files or services updated...
  3. Nowadays H5 Must be default player's choice because most of the H5 projects doesn't have updated files or most of them are outdated... Also most of the H5 servers got the same kind of events(russian roulette) (clan vs clan) etc... I think that new events could improve the gameplay + client side though....
  4. @Maxtor You could bring back that section to be more easy for the members to express their opinions about forum improvements though.... Without that section where can they start a suggestion topics about community? Good afternoon everyone.!!!!!
  5. Τι φάση με το GFX? όοολα ποια έχουν ερημώσει? ουφφφ.....
  6. GTA V Nowadays is worthless so i think that 18 Euros for this game is normal price.... Only FiveM Worth playing though...
  7. Hello, i would like to request a logo for discord server. Use your imagination(s) the only things i want are as follows: Size:400x400 Text:External RolePlay Subtext: GTA V RP Server Animation:yes Font style:Whoever is readable... colour:Whatever you like
  8. Roger that! Good luck then buddy
  9. Only one suggestion-idea from whole server's features, you could make the change class afterward to be free imo, if any player wants to change class why they must pay 500 adena? + The items he will need + the consumables and stuff.. the other features and server infos seems to be promising, good luck buddy
  10. Μικρέ τράβα αλλού να καβγαδίσεις γιατί δεν έχω την όρεξη σου σε παρακαλώ οκ? Αν ψάχνεις για μαλάκες υπάρχουν τόσοι γύρω σου! Βούλωνε και τράβα στον μάξτορ για moderator μπας και ησυχάσει ο κόσμος και καταστραφεί άλλο τόσο από καρκινόματα το MxC :) . Όταν εγώ είχα γκόμενα εσύ κοιμώσουν όρθιος :) . άι τράβα τον δρόμο σου.! Πολύ αξία σου δώσαμε για πιτσιρικάκι....
  11. Δείχνε ο,τι γουστάρεις ;) η αλήθεια πονάει μύξα.. Οπότε βούλωνε και καλύτερα ασχολήσου με την συμμόρφωση σου και όχι με τις αγαμίες που σε βαράνε πριν και μετά το ban. Cheers!!!!! Αν πότε σε βάλουν μυαλό να θυμηθώ να δώσω παράσημο στους γονείς σου μπας και δείξεις για μια γαμημένη φορά ο,τι έχεις τα @@ να είσαι νορμάλ έστω και εδώ μέσα! Γιατί προς το παρόν σαν 10χρονη πούτσα κάνεις ;). Επίσης να σου μάθουν να σκέφτεσαι πριν μιλήσεις... Και της είπα να σου το μάθει αλλά ως γνωστών μαλάκας μια φορά μαλάκας For Life... GJ :D . όσο για αυτά που γράφω στο προφίλ μου να μην σε αφορούν και να κοιτάς
  12. If you're brainless it's not my problem... You were the biggest mistake to be unbanned like @Kara` .... You have to Admit it.! Also if you think that with this attitude you're "Someone" that needs an attention, i would recommend you to visit a doctor both of you... You can't respect other's personality? Just shut up and Learn how to respect anyone in this community ;) . Noone has got same interests like all of us... You should known that before making an account :).!!!
  13. Everything is dead but also that was Nick's Mistake, we have to admit it... What i mean? He gave chances to wrong members that they were banned to the past... Those guys started to fcked up anything in no time... Second, The attitude... The attitude in a community is a MUST Noone seem to understand that! Everyone was just like "Learn How to coding", "Learn what java means" and those kind of replies... Noone born experienced to get criticism ... Everyone here must help a newbie to coding and java stuff.. Thing that i saw once every 2 months....