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  1. wtf u said only in beta and now in live u can buy talisman of baium for 150 euro wtf is this joke? 10000% pay2win
  2. no ofence now but why your server has so much pay2win donations?
  3. i am not flaming, im just showing the evidence, did i insult you?
  4. same owner of paypal account, u cant hide this, anyway it doesent matter, last l2europa failed within 1 week due massive corruption, admin playing in one of the biggest clans and spawning items, thats rly bad for a server.
  5. l2arena = l2europa = new server every 2 weeks, why this time would be different?
  6. the only kid and mad person here is you, seems no one else cares about you and your topic and the shit servers you are playing, get a life and move over. must be 100% retarded to donate 300 euro in private servers in 2019. good thing they banned you, people like u shouldnt be able to play
  7. and whats so wow? this saga is the most fail server ever, failer than tales era or any other shit h5 around. cant believe ppl still playing this crap in 2019.
  8. lol keep opening new topics, no one cares and no one gives a fuck about you and your private servers, get over it, l2 is a dead game, why the fuk u keep spamming this forum with useless topics, no one gives a fuk about you and your shit. gg wp