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  1. wow some still cares and is mad.. :O keep talking rage kid.. i like your drama
  2. and if you dont give a shit why you comment? hahah.. so you give a shit kiddo ;) .. go rage now in real life and let pc life behind you... it makes you mad
  3. CASH CASH ONLY MATTERS. CAAASHHHH .. Wasted of time and money.. SOON these GM's will open new server with new name for more victims
  4. i dont see something bad about donating. the bad thing is to donate in lies.. and i donated in lies and agree in this... Last time i loged in Lionna.. trash server and trash GM
  5. Μαγκες μν κανετε καμια κ supportarete αυτο το ριμαδι.. 0 IQ οι Ελληνες λεει ο Μ@*&$@&*κας
  6. Gypsy GM's and Gypsy community.. L2zaken/L2lionna/L2pandora and some more server are from the same GM's they just sell their mother for some Euros... Impossible .. AND about racism damn.. 0 i.q Greeks? WHEN THIS GUY TOOK MONEY he didnt said anything bad for Greece.. If you dont give him money Greeks has 0 iq.. if u give Greeks are einstain
  7. Lionna most shitty server ive played.. Ive donated 300 euros and he baned me without a reason.. he told me "I dont care about your items GTFO" .. you will lose your money in Lionna for sure