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  1. Sup, folks! Why you guys are not opening your project anymore? with OFF/old files? like both servers
  2. Good luck! When website ready, Send to us to help you advertsing.
  3. Can any of oldies admin come back and open any decent MID RATE IL L2OFF to us?! With decent files Vangarth!!! we miss old admins like sawk or whoever did decents servers in the past Even mxc can bring again the Old L2Mxc IL to us, we are missing decent servers nowadays! Try something decent to who still trying to play IL servers under 2019!
  4. Nice project with good staff, Good luck!
  5. As tittle says, any admin thinking about opening any L2OFF with old files vangarth, those l2off nowadays with advext files is worse than java servers, missing Mxc projects :(
  6. Join forum to see more infos about server and clans
  8. Bump! Re-opening 24/07 19:00 gmt-3 Check forum or web site for more infos.
  9. Rates: XP/SP: 100x - Adena: 100x Sub classe: Quest Noblesse: Retail quest/ Custom boss Nobless Raid quest Items: Sellable on NPC Safe Enchant: +3 Max. Enchant: Weapom: +16 / Armor +10 Enchant Rate: 50% Basic Buffs: Available on NPC AIO Buffer: Full Buffs + Hot Springs Buff Slots: 24 buffs Buff time: 2hours Summon Buffs: Retail like 4 Custom Raid Bosses: 8 Hours Respawn - All chaotic Zones All Epic Raid Bosses are Chaotic Zones Barakiel Spawn: 6 hours Skills: No augment Skills Hero: 7 days Sieges: 15 days Spawn/Teleport: Protection for 30s TvT Event: Every hour Boss Jewels: Only by killing epic raids Join us. Grand Opening at 04.06
  10. Lineage II Vengeance SERVER OPENING 08/05/2015 Chronicle: Interlude Rates: XP/SP: 75x - Adena: 100x // Sub Class: Quest ( Star Of Destiny Sellable on NPC ) Noblesse: Retail Quest / Custom Nobless Raid Boss Quest items : Sellable on NPC Safe enchant: +3 Max. Enchant: Weapon: +16 / Armor +10 Enchant Rate: 50% // Buff Slots: 24 Buffs Buff Time: 2 Hours NPC Buffer: Basic Buffs ( 1 hour Buff ) AIO Buffer: Full Buffs + Hot Springs Summon Buffs: Retail Like Augment Skills: No Augment Skills Skill Respawn Protection: 30 seconds // All Epic Boss: Chaotic Zone Barakiel Spawn: 6 Hours Custom Raid Bosses: 2 Boss / 10 Hours Respawn - Chaotic Zone Heroes: 7 Days Sieges: 15 Days NPC Boss Status: (With countdown, for the boss that do not have random respawn time) For more infos check forum