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  1. Selling geared sorc 85 level on L2 europa x7. General items: Daimon Crystal NM robe set +6 +10 STR/INT hat (+1WIT augment) +6 belt +5 Lv4 dragon pedant Jewels: Brooch Lv. 4 Greater Saphire Lv. 2 Jade Lv. 5 Blue Cat's Eye Lv. 4 Garnet + Vital stone Lv. 3 Talismans: Bracelet Lv. 5 Radiant Lv. 3 Venir's Lv. 14 TOI Lv. 4 Aden +4 Agathions: Agathion Bracelet Lv. 3 Aquarius +4 Other stuff: 1.6b adena 7.5k nectars
  2. You didn't even bother removing the placeholder text from your website?
  3. Selling the following 2 chars in L2 ovc SPS almost 79: Daimon Crystal +7 DC robe set neck/earings +5 14k adena am rec + some parts + lots of mats other S grade recs/key parts 750 FA 4 buff slots + 1 mastery skill 1/3 items for nobl S grade enchants Some mantras from every color Necro 77.5: Daimon Crystal DC robe set 2 A rings 8.5k adena +3 buff slots 1/3 items for nobl some mantras/enchants/LS Prices: SPS: 15e Necro: 10e Contact me here on foru
  4. The biggest problem was that the server actually never "opened", it was up from the beta and nothing happened during launch, no wipe no restart etc. I can also verify that my set didn't include a helmet.
  5. Didn't even bother wiping after beta, nice..
  6. Selling noblesse Ghost Sentinel(80) +4 buffslots Subclass: Archmage(80) +2 buffslots Items: Majestic light set DC robe set Tateossian set DB+3 High iron belt + 100k loyalty points 210 tod in master account Quest items for all epics Various LS/books/fangs/relics Price: 35€ Contact me here via a private message
  7. Well if you guys know how to read/create the incupdate.idx file(this is what tells the server what to update) I can provide a workaround.
  8. Αν το 2ο screenshot που έχεις βάλει είναι το περιεχόμενο του αρχείου που ψάχνεις, άνοιξε cmd ή wsl, πήγαινε στον φάκελο που δείχνεις και τρέξε grep -ri custom_dobuff .
  9. Hello, I'm trying to use the interface on an Interlude server that runs an updater and overwrites most of it. I can intercept the requests to their webserver locally and serve my own files but I don't have any idea how to create a custom version of incupdate.idx(I guess this has hashes or something from their original files) with the files from interface. Any tips would be appreciated.
  10. Thanks, is there an official distributor for these keys?
  11. Hello, I would like to buy adrenaline but I'm not sure whats their official website. Google yields 3-4 sites selling adrenaline. Any help would be much appreciated, happy new year :)
  12. Make sure you add blessing/gift of queen/sheraphim and all the missing song like renewal/champion etc. Maybe you want to create a "harder" server but its 100x, people are used to have these buffs on high rates and there is no chance someone will play sws or summoner to give his party full buffs.