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  1. Armorsets are fully working.May you want to stay with C grade armor for whole the game or something like that? Impossible.You can farm Tokens and upgrade your armors & weapons and let back nonsense suggestions please. Thank you for your reports.
  2. So much hate for no reason.Thank you for joined us. All armorsets are complete,you can speak with facts no with hate. If you want to spamm only from rage you just advertise us with comments. And remember..a bad advertise never stops to be Advertise so thank you :)
  3. They are beta players offline shops & we decided to keep them ingame for some newbie start help. All account passwords from offline shops are replaced and players dont exists as psychical players at the same account anymore. Thank you for your comment
  4. Basicaly you dont know nothing dont be so sure about your posts.maybe you know some assosiates of my team but not the owners.Dont dive into deep waters when you dont know how to swim in shallow. Thank you for your time. CoreManagement Adminisintrator
  5. There is no original when we talk about private server my dear. We have also claim all the copyrights for l2core.org If you mean L2 Core since 2007 that server is totaly dead.only the name l2core.com exists and thats a memory. Also for some details for luck of the customers we inform you that we are not the developers of the 2007 L2Core (PegasusDev). We Are CoreManagement Team (Completely different Team and we are here. https://l2core.org Thank you
  6. Beta Server is Online. Register your account & check our features before the official date launch!
  7. CORE LAUNCH DATE: 26 APRIL 2020 19:00 General Support: l2core.management@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/l2core/ http://l2core.org/ Register Your Account Now: http://l2core.org/?page=register General Information Server Time : GMT +03:00Platform: JavaCore Uptime: 99%DDOS: ProtectedBOT: ProtectedServer Type: PvP High Rate Expririence: x1000Skill Points: x1000Adena Drop (Farm Zones): x10Drop (Farm Zones): x3Instant 80lvlSubclass each class: x5Noblesse Blessing: Noblesse Status (Custom Item)Skills Learning System: AutoLoot Syste