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  1. use this for your trouble that will already fix your problem if you are using my gameserver.jar
  2. That for Complete this source : 1. Mods Files + RPS : Here 2. Forum Files using SMF Community alt + b : Here 3. Pages Files Community Board for Complete the Action : Here 4. And more you can PM me for it if you want using this source for Live Server and this gameserverjar : Here Woalaaa no missing html / event / etc for this source ..
  3. its true, because i'm bought some files and implement to this file 1. Npc Lineage 2 Ultimate barrel ( i bought this from Strain D ) 2. New Agathion i bought this files from Asuki Tex 3. Vote System from Kara 4. Streaming Twitch from Kara 5. Fixing Tournament System using command .tournaments fixed by Me 6. Forum SQL (SMF with Modification) fixed by Me 7. ETC More feature i'm Implement it and the Fact is,,, Some of work i didnt save it on Source Files that why this files lot of missing Code/Html/XML etc.. that it but i have the Originality From Fandc (DUMA) <<< i can share it, and that why i have 1 Point Negatif from CLAWWWWW
  4. because this is my source, and i'm adapt some feature to this patch -_-, where you get this files ? XD its old but still can be shared haha and if i'm not wrong , i forget fix on sql. if you using for live server 2-3 minutes your cpu working will blow up and there have Forum system and no SQL (I'm Forget for copy to source that sql) but this is Uncompleted Source. PS : HWID System i'm Disabled because i'm using Game Guard ,, if this pack using live server the negatif you can't use the HWID System
  5. good panel, good service, especially to developer is good person , skilled and can work with your request, recomended and trusted
  6. i have fandc with : 1. Forum Website on Community Board 2. Twitch Streaming on command .twitch implemented by @Kara` 3. FB Comment / Like / Share on command .fb 4. Tournament like olympiad ( every 1 month ) if you want to register command .tournament 5. PvP Zone / Multi Zone 6. PvP Badge (ReyMasterio) implemented by @Kara` 7. Vote Reward NPC implemented by @Kara` 8. Vote Reward by Command .votereward then is very expensiv no scam here
  7. l2script is good choice if you have more money because l2script will work if you have money, if talk about grand crusade L2script is stable but you need to be carefull because l2script have bug adena you can fixed it by manualy
  8. we done about bug , because live server more player report it then we fixed it just take then upgrade to prelude of war without bug
  9. Lineage 2 Infinity Fafurion Server We're very excited to introduce you to a new world with thousends of new features , better game play and much more fun! On this Season we're hardly aiming our people to enjoy a long of few months with amazing features and unique ideas which you never ever saw before! Read our new features and we wish you to have a nice stay and a fun long game! General Information of Lineage 2 Infinity VelroseGame Basic Information Experience Rates: x500 SP Rates: x50 Adena: x 1 Party Exp: x 1.5 Party SP: X 1.5 Enchant Rates Safe +3 for armor Safe +3 for weapons Normal Enchant Scrolls 50% Armor (Blessed Scrolls Rate 50%) Weapons (Blessed Scrolls Rate 50%) Destruction max +6 for Armor(45% if item wont succesfully enchant will same enchant bellow.) Destruction max +16 for Weapons(45% if item wont succesfully enchant will same enchant bellow.) General Information MAXIMUM CLAN SLOTS: 300 Login Bonus Rewards Clan Check In Reward Auto loot Subclass & Class Change Free New Fafurion olympiad System Solo and Party Dungeons Sieges & Manors working l2off like Skills & classes based on retail l2off balance Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes Max subclasses 2 + Dual Class 1 Augments 1+1 Economy System Weekend zone with boosted drops Olympiad Games Retail like (with some custom restrictions) Unique Gameplay Many more features! More Informations and Updates on our Forum Don't hesitate to share your opinion with us and help us make the greatest lineage 2 servers on Asia
  10. if someone need geodata i have it geodata is good , compiled game is good you can open it for live server no backdoor and enjoyed because grandcrusade from l2script is stable for using live server