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  1. the guy screwed up with this vip thing --'
  2. bad emulator full of bugs, the same owner launched a 500 pvp server and it was a real failure, did not play, and another one steals client mods and sells on the resource page
  4. I didn't steal anybody, I only paid 50 euros to see if your work was worth it but not 1 euro, go to another forum steal because here you are burned
  5. kara quer pagamento adiantado e não entrega o dev de merda combinado
  6. sabe ler? quem começou a falar sobre origem? deve ser amigo kara do you want proof? take
  7. what proof do you little fucking thief? you were banned from maxcheets and had your paypal account suspended for scamming your trash
  8. kara got banned and still keep wanting from scams on other people and i have mental problems?
  9. you sold me an incomplete mod that doesn't serve any shit, you have several fake profiles your delay why will it be? Why do you fool others? will treat sick Greek
  10. kara always wanting to make money from others does not deliver what it promises
  11. looking for dev to adapt 2 codes, freya source for H5, pm price
  12. she uses this profile She sold me this mod. Mode Zone System by 50e and came incomplete
  13. Great job, I bought it and everything was 100% error free.
  14. I buy this certificate system in subclass