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  1. New people , that are intrested on starting on a great , lag-free , fair server, this is your chance! There is an event running from 3/7, that all new players will collect a TOP NG weapon and many more goodies! Admin team is there for you to solve ANY problem you may encouter! They are extremly professional ! Can't wait to see you in-game guys! HAVE FUN!
  2. I will be there! I had a great experience past years with L2Saga! See you all in game guys! Ares.
  3. 3 ACCOUNTS . SE 52 . PP 53 . ES 54 I want to sell all account as a compact sell ! PP / SE have no DW/HASTE/STIGMA . ES has all skills expect 52 lvl and cubics ! ES has Demon Set +3 / top C circlet and Plated leather boots +3, Demons Fang +7 , Approx 2kk in bag with all accounts SE has karmian set. All accounts have a lot of Special Fruits and XP/SP boost scrolls! EMAILS ARE COMBINED WITH EACHOTHER AND THERE IS NO PHONE SECURITY ! DROP ME A MESSEGE ON SKYPE IF IM NOT ONLINE HERE : arestotikidis
  4. This guy just spit some truth over here. To be honest , it's none of my business the l2 scene anymore but its the game ive loved the most and its so sad seeing the current situation getting worse and worse. I wish there were just profesionals who would bring the game back , alive and kicking , truth to the bone. Best regards.