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  1. Of course. or you pay to have a server. and you will continue paying to solve future problems and add more content. or you learn on your own and you are not depending on anyone in exchange for money. In my case I have decided to learn what is more beautiful.
  2. It is true. I am learning java oriented to l2j emulators. I found a book (manual) that the author is a developer of l2j. If anyone is interested, I send it
  3. Thank you very much for your sincerity. I would like to know if you offer services and be able to contact by discord to have a more direct contact.
  4. l2f-gameserver.jar or l2f-scripts.jar? I am replacing the two (gameserver.jar and scripts.jar). First I compile full.xml and then scripts.xml
  5. I have edited the text and compiled it. But the same text still appears. What am I wrong about?
  6. No teleport players Events And about this problem, can it be solved in any way?
  7. Hi. I am looking for payment support to solve this problem: Contact by private
  8. Do not spawn to any event. The event is announced, even informs you that you have been registered, but do not join
  9. In which route can I find what you indicate?