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  1. This design a made this week for an upcoming Linage II Interlude server http://l2netherworld.com http://xtrinky.deviantart.com/art/Linage-II-Netherworld-692662634
  2. i did some edits :D hope you like it better now ! I had them in mind too
  3. thanks a lot mate :) I appreciate you'r comment ! i like the changes you mentioned :D i will be back with some of them !!!
  4. I HOPE YOU ENJOY :D http://xtrinky.deviantart.com/art/Feralas-v2-691840164 *shoutout xDrac for the tip :)
  5. Congratulations mate ,I sended a message too and you can lock this topic :)
  6. Well unfortunately he didnt contact me so here i randomly choosed a new WINNER! http://imgur.com/a/qJf3V Celestin !!! :) Congrats mate! im w8ing for your reply :)
  7. Here is the WINNER :) http://imgur.com/a/s2g1N GLADICEK (Contact me within 24 hours to discuss about your prize :) Thanks everyone for participating :)
  8. well check some of my banners here then. http://xtrinky.deviantart.com/gallery/ this is actually free why do you really care abou a preview? if you can do it alone then you dont need my website :) just create your's but w/e here's a simple portofolio like of mine. http://imgur.com/TbjVeLK
  9. not really but back at the days when I was active in this forum i had posted some works just search with my username and topics should pop up.
  10. Hello guys i was long gone . I'm out of ideas and my main projects now is a little bit not in the web design area but i want to come back. So i would like to pick someone random in the comments and he wins a fully Designed/Coded/Scripted website. Well the settings and preferences of the site is he's to think, i will just make this idea an actual work. (don't consider that i will build the most complex site in the world. just have this in your mind before posting) I will start this project as soon as we have enough comments and not bot comment :) i prefer to build this Website for someone (