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  1. Currently using L2j Acis and I saw ppl trying to find out how to put the starting adena code back in . So what i did was , take the code from an another project and put it back on L2jAcis . Simple , yet some ppl still searching for it ... so go to net.sf.l2j.gameserver.network.clientpackets open CharacterCreate.java Use crtl+F and search for the line without the + then paste the code and remove the +. newChar.setCurrentMp(newChar.getMaxMp()); + +// Starting Items +if (Config.STARTING_ADENA > 0) + newChar.addAdena("Init", Config.STARTING_ADENA, null, false); + Then Go to net.sf.l2j Open Config.java and as above , search for " public static int DEATH_PENALTY_CHANCE;" and add the Code with the + in front of it . Then remove the +. public static int DEATH_PENALTY_CHANCE; +public static int STARTING_ADENA; + Then in the Config.java again search for " DEATH_PENALTY_CHANCE = players.getProperty("DeathPenaltyChance", 20);" and as done above do the same. DEATH_PENALTY_CHANCE = players.getProperty("DeathPenaltyChance", 20); +STARTING_ADENA = players.getProperty("StartingAdena", 100); + We're done with the codes. Now go to Players.properties in the Configs and add the text as shown. Delevel = True # Death Penalty chance if killed by mob (in %), 20 by default DeathPenaltyChance = 20 +#Amount of adena that a new character is given +StartingAdena = 0 + #============================================================= # Inventory / Warehouse #============================================================= aaaand we are done! All you have to do is to put the value you want where it is now 0. That's it .
  2. Any way to find an older version of eclipse? for example . the one you use
  3. While compiling i saw these.. 1) 2) anyone knows what to do ?
  4. Well i have a lot of time to spend my time in creating a server. i have to play l2 since 2013 when i started studying for school and exams so i am absent a lot of time from the scene. i dont want to create a server but just remember few things and improve my knowledge well i have some questions 1. Is there any problem if i install the newest version of JDK than the 6 we used to install? 2.Whats the difference between mysql 5.5(or newer edition) than the old 5.0 or 5.1 we used to install? 3.What have change with Windows 10 . ( i find some solutions but not working for all servers and i dont know why) ? Thanks a lot.
  5. θα βαλω τα 7 παλι σε λιγες μερες.. μεχρι τοτε δεν μπορουμε να κανουμε κατι ε;;
  6. Eng : Well i read a topic and did what they said about l2 and windows 10.. i download a new system etc. replaced the engine.dll etc. Still trying to play and stuck in the champion creation..any help?? GR: εχω διαβασει ενα ποστ σχετικα με τα windows10 και το l2 .. εκανα οτι ελεγαν εκει .. κατεβασα οτι επρεπε κτλπ.. μπαινω και μολις παω να φτιαξω ενα καινουργιο παιχτη κολλαει και δεν ξεκολλαει με τιποτα.. περιμενα αρκετη ωρα αλλα δεν ... τι να κανω?? καμια βοηθεια?