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  1. I prefer money makers servers which bot doesnt work and corruption doesnt exist
  2. Finally pride style coming from not a random player... I hope there wont be bots and corruption, so you can get the support from donations.
  3. Strix guard is pretty good to stop many people from botting
  4. Looks amazing, cant wait for beta to check all this stuff
  5. ES 66 %88+ VIP 4 around 20k VIP points human mystic 39 in same acc 140euro SOLD
  6. ELEMENTAL MASTER LV 78(can hit 79 easily 1.6 billion exp left)++ (Female) / Around 4.5 billion++ in Clan arena scrolls / lvl 5 clan bracelet / necro tyrant sorcerer for epics / Zaken cloak / full 3rd class dyes BW light set and top B jewels 16 %100 exp/sp scroll 8 %100 exp/sp balls 6 %100 rune packs Many mid and low exp scrolls 28 days sub left Account Personal info is clear Few untradeable cakes for exp/sp %20 Refined boss jewels pack and level 78 rewards refined boss jewels unclaimed Many Quick heal and Mana potions