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  1. Thanks for support Bro!
  2. Balance close to retail Stable And Long Life Server International Community Mid rates Craft-PvP Opening: June 7 at 18:00 gmt +2 Website: https://www.l2midland.com/ Lineage II Midland is here to give players an nostalgic game experience of interlude gameplay. Our team it will be always on your side if you or your friends facing any issue with our gameplay. We are working for long time on our project to give you the best emulator of interlude server. Exp/SP : x15 Adena : x7 Drop/Spoil : x7 SealStones : x7 Manor : x1 Auto loot -Raid/Epic bosses are excluded. Shift+Click on mob -To inspect the drop & spoil chances Autolearn skills -Divine Inspiration not included Equipment -D/C/B-Grade equipment can be purchased for Adena in shop -Shops for supplies and character development are located in every city Craft retail -A-Grade equipment recipes such as weapons,armors,jewelry are sold via Blacksmith of mammon for adena and ancient adena -S-Grade recipes are obtainable only from quests Enchant Rates -Safe +3 -Max +16 -Regular Scroll Chance 60% -Blessed Scroll Chance 74% -Each succesfull enchant decreases the rate of success by 1.5%(progressive) Full Quests retail -Gather The Flames (you can also obtain shining bow recipe) Client -Multibox - 3 game instances per HWID Offline Shops -Quit game after creating a shop in order to enable it. -Duration of offline shop: 3 days. -Available for free in every town/village,minimum level required 40. Seven Sings -From start of the server -Available Trader Blacksmith in town Raids respawn time -All Normal Bosses: 12 Hour (Random -1h +1h) Automatic events every day Retail Geodata and Pathnodes NPC Buffer & Buffs -Buffs duration is 60 minutes-Maximum buff slots 28 (24+4) -You can buy ancient books using vote badge or loot them from raid bosses -You can get all buffs from buffer except cat/pony and resists. -Any player can get free support magic -You can also buff your pet-Scheme creation is available Classes & Subclass -First class transfer- you will be rewarded 100.000 adena -Second class transfer - you will be rewarded 700.000 adena -Third class transfer - cost 55.000.000 adena & you will be rewarded one Book Of Giant Subclass -Getting a sub class is free Noblesse -Retail quest -You can trade vote badge's for Caradine's Letter Lv 65 Features and rules -14days Olympiad Period (new heroes appear every 1st & 15th of each month -Minimum participants for Olympiad to begin: 7 -The sharpening limit to all is set +6 -On draw both participants in the fight lose 1/3 points -If a player relogs during the countdown of tp to the stadium,he loses 1/3 points -Dualboxes are not allowed -Feeding at olympiad is PROHIBITED and players doing it will be banned. Player Commands With the help of the command .menu you can enable/disable: -Account protection by hwid bind-Buff block -EXP block-Auto Pick up -Automatic Potions (Greater Healing,Mana potion,Greater CP potion) .online With the help of the Community Board (ALT + B) at towns you can use: -Shop -Gatekeeper -Buffer -Warehouse -Mammon -Top 10 pvp/pk ranking -Raidboss Status -Midland Raid boss system ranks,check top 8 clan's MRP Raid Rank System -Clans of midland can earn MRP points when killing raidbosses -Every time they kill a raidboss they obtain MRP (Midland RaidBoss Points) based on raidboss level. -Example of point system: Killing a 54lvl RB -> grants 54 MRP for your clan -Every 30days points are calculated and the TOP 8 Clans of the list can choose a reward based on their position. Grand Bosses -Automatic flag when entering. -High Level characters are prohibited from entering low Grandboss areas. -Boss Player Level limits: -Queen Ant : 48 Level -Orfen/Core : 58 Level -Zaken : 68 Level -Prohibited characters that try to enter will be automatically sent to town. https://l2midland.com/
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