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  1. LINEAGE 2 TEON - BEST INTERLUDE PRIDE-PACK GRAND OPENING: 11 January, 2020 • 15:00 (UTC -3) Site: Client: Interlude. Toggle Skills like: Arcana Power, Transfer Pain, Accuracy, Vicious Stance, Shield Fortress, Soul Cry, Soul Guard its automatic Passive Skills. Starting Level: 40. Maximum character level is 90. Experience decreases after level 80. Rates: x1000 xp/x1000 sp/x1000 Adena. Max Slots Buffs: 34+4 (Divine Inspiration free) Scheme Buffs. Shift + Click you see drop from Monsters. Achievement Book. Solo and Group Kamaloka Instance. Daily Reward. NPCS: Custom Gatekeeper. Custom NPC Buffer. Custom Items Shop. ENCHANT: Safe Enchant (Unique/Pride/Relic Items): +7. Max Enchant (Unique/Pride/Relic Items): +25. Normal Enchant Scroll Rates: 75%, Failure penalty = Item Crystallize. Crystal Enchant Scroll Rates: 65%, Failure penalty = Item enchant +7. Blessed Enchant Scroll Rates: 75%.Able to use only after +16. Failure Penalty = Set Item enchant +16. FARM ZONES: Cave of Trials (Solo Zone) The Cemetery (Solo/Duo Zone) Abandoned Camp (Party Zone) EPIC BOSS: All epic boss has a fixed time of spawn at night. Queen Ant: 24 Hrs - Drop Halisha's Phylactery 50% Zaken: 72 Hrs - Drop Zaken's Dementia - 100% Baium: 72 Hrs - Drop Baium's Anger - 100% Antharas: 96 Hrs - Drop Antharas' Tremor - 100% Valakas: 120 Hrs - Drop Valakas' Fiery - 100% RAID BOSS: Spawn 5 Hours. Exclusive drops, also you can check with Shift + Click. All raid boss listed in NPC Lana in Giran. CUSTOM ITEMS: 3 Custom Armor Tiers (Dread/Titanium - Pride - Rykros). 3 Custom Weapon Tiers (Unique - Pride - Relic) with cool effects and customized skills. Around 50 Custom Accessories with Unique stats, which allows every user to have his very own setup. Relic Jewel Set. Custom Tattoos. Custom Skins where change only apparence. CUSTOM FEATURES: Grade Penalty Disabled. Character Subclass limit is set to 8. To get noblesse status you only have to last hit Custom Barakiel/Buy Caradine's Letter from Mysterious Merchant. The whole quest is NOT NEEDED. APC's Artificial-Player Characters, a term coined by myself, these mobs that have the appearance of real players adds a nice contrast to the usual humdrum of L2's mobs' appearances. Much of these APCs you will encounter appear and act almost exactly like a normal player, with skill sets of the corresponding classes they represent. Vitality Effect when set reach enchant +16. Your Name/Title Color changes on every 1000 PvPs you obtain. Every 1000 PvPs you obtain a Custom PvP-Skill. PvP Towns: Gludin and Hunter's Village. EVENTS: TvT: Team vs Team. CTF: Capture the Flag. DM – Death Match. CUSTOM CLASSES SWORD MUSE: Sword muse is a class which can wear either light or heavy armor (some penalties applied for each type) and a Sword. Skills added are: War Cry. Sonic Blaster. Ultimate Evasion. Dash. Song of Life (Temporarily increases party members' maximum HP in 5%). SPECTRAL DANCER: Spectral Dancer can wear either light or heavy armor (some penalties applied for each type) and Dual Swords. Skills added are: Rage. Duelist Spirit. Dash. Ultimate Evasion. Dodge. Dance of Protection (Temporarily increases party members' pDef and mDef). HIEROPHANT: Hierophant is a weird class, Which can equipp Light armor and FISTS, and is mostly based on it's skills. His basic stats are kinda low, but his ultimate skills are many and useful. Skills added are: Burning Fist. Soul Breaker. Battle Roar. Wolf Spirit Totem. Bear Spirit Totem. Zealot. Blink Skill. Light Vortex. Solar Flare. Shadow Flare. Dodge. >DAGGERS: Adventurer, Wind Rider, Ghost Hunter: Shadow Step (Allows user to teleport behind the enemy, target cancel is possible) DOOMCRYER: Doomcryer is a high customized class which can really play in any setup you want. You can use all the armortypes, and you can player either as a Mage (Robe/staff) or as a Fighter (heavy), Axe. This class is really playable on BOTH setups and really enjoyable i can say. Skills added are: Guts. Battle Roar. Improved Critical Attack. (Temporarily increases party members' P and M critical Rate in 5%) Improved Movement. (Temporarily increases party members' speed in 12 and Evasion in 6) Improved Shield Defense. (Temporarily increases party members' Shield Defense and Shield Angle by 30%) >DOMINATOR: Dominator is a customized class which can really support in our server. Skills added are: Improved Combat. (Temporarily increases party members' 8% pAtk and 6% pDef) Improved Condition. (Temporarily increases party members' 10% MaxHp and 10% MaxMp) Improved Magic. (Temporarily increases party members' 10% mAtk and 10% mDef) Victory of Pa'agrio. (Its stackable with COV,POW,POF) MAESTRO/FORTUNE SEEKER: This class plays on his classic setup, heavy+axe. However it is a Semi-titan/Semi-tank. Skills added are: Dash. Battle Roar. Braveheart. Frenzy (level 1) Ultimate Defense (Level 1) Sharp Edge. Spike. Restring. Case Harden. Hard Tanning. Embroider.
  2. i have problem to adapt this voice i have added the bypass and the voice correp but when i do repair nothing apparec
  3. i have the error when Raidboss Dead Just kick me Automatic from the Zone how i can fix it
  4. don't work on GF and 0 error on my server
  5. someone has any bot free for this guard thx
  6. can somehelp me because i get a bigged erorr when i try to put pin code and name
  7. one that has an improved code with the instance file
  8. I've reviewed everything from head to foot and it's still the same
  9. someone can help me with this problem in java ( SevenSigns)