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  1. can someone send me the File Account clean because i ddint find with email thx
  2. Can Someone Give me The Correct Values for Lvl 99 on L2jServer (Hi5) Last Rev and can help me to change the max Value from P.atk,M.atk He just got the max to 2147483647 Its Like Sp i want to change to more Really Thx for the Help
  3. LINEAGE 2 TEON - BEST INTERLUDE PRIDE-PACK GRAND OPENING: 11 January, 2020 • 15:00 (UTC -3) Site: www.lineage2teon.com Client: Interlude. Toggle Skills like: Arcana Power, Transfer Pain, Accuracy, Vicious Stance, Shield Fortress, Soul Cry, Soul Guard its automatic Passive Skills. Starting Level: 40. Maximum character level is 90. Experience decreases after level 80. Rates: x1000 xp/x1000 sp/x1000 Adena. Max Slots Buffs: 34+4 (Divine Inspiration free) Scheme Buffs. Shift + Cli
  4. i have problem to adapt this voice i have added the bypass and the voice correp but when i do repair nothing apparec
  5. i have the error when Raidboss Dead Just kick me Automatic from the Zone how i can fix it
  6. don't work on GF and 0 error on my server
  7. someone has any bot free for this guard thx
  8. can somehelp me because i get a bigged erorr when i try to put pin code and name
  9. one that has an improved code with the instance file